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Frequently asked questions

  • Our customer support team is happy to help and all contact numbers remain the same. You can continue to find or request help via any product you use or access MyRefinitiv to raise and track any product, content, technical, billing, or admin queries you have. 

  • Will my billing information or invoices change?
    Our contracts, invoices and statements will remain unchanged for the time being as these documents will be undergoing brand changes at a future date. No action is needed and we will proactively reach out to let you know when changes will take place. Note that references in your existing contracts to Thomson Reuters Corporation will be deemed references to the Refinitiv group of companies. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager.

  • As a partner, will we be required to remove all references to Thomson Reuters marks and logos and replace with the Refinitiv name and logo?
    Yes, we would like for our Partners’ branding updates to align with the external Refinitiv brand launch. We are working proactively to keep our partners informed of our company changes and we will send a detailed communication in mid-November to provide the necessary brand assets to facilitate the updates. Please reach out to your partner manager with any further questions.

    Will my billing or payment process be changing?
    If there are any changes to your normal services you will have already have been notified and our team will work alongside you on this. 

    Will there be any changes to our Relationship Manager and day to day servicing of my partnership?
    No, everything will remain the same. 

    Will the Refinitiv partnership strategy be changing?
    No, this will remain the same. Our partnerships are a critical part of Refinitiv’s new brand and strategy. 

  • What’s our relationship with Thomson Reuters?
    Thomson Reuters retains a 45% stake in Refinitiv and is a key part of our heritage. Refinitiv will operate independently, but will continue to provide Reuters news and content, so you’ll have continuous access to the information and tools you rely on to track markets, assess risk and drive smart decisions. 

    What’s our relationship with Reuters?
    We have a 30 year agreement with Reuters, the world’s leading independent news source. Refinitiv customers will continue to have access to their news and content, as well as hundreds of other third party news sources.

    Why was the name Refinitiv chosen?
    Our name combines the legacy of Reuters, our foundation in the financial industry, and our unwavering commitment to redefining ourselves – and the industry – by providing customers with definitive solutions that shape success. 

  • What’s our relationship with Blackstone?
    With a 55% stake in Refinitiv, Blackstone is well positioned to support our leaders’ commitment to advancing our company and the industry. With greater focus and investment in key technologies, we’ll strengthen what we already offer while expanding the range of what we can do. 

  • Products in the Financial and Risk product portfolio will transition to Refinitiv with the exception of those listed below which will remain with Thomson Reuters:

    • Regulatory Intelligence
    • Risk Compliance Learning
    • Data Privacy Advisory Services

    No changes have been made to products and we remain committed to informing our customers of any future product enhancements through our release notification process. Post legal close, you might notice a pop-up screen or a banner in some of our products informing you of the change from Thomson Reuters to Refinitiv and that all product branding changes will happen at a later date.

    Data Privacy Advisor, Compliance Learning and Regulatory Intelligence customers
    These products and services remain with Thomson Reuters as part of the transaction. Representatives from Thomson Reuters will contact you separately regarding account, billing, and other related changes.

  • Any personal information that you have made available to us continues to be processed in line with the privacy notice on the refinitiv.com website and the notices applicable to our specific products and services. If you are referring individuals whose data you pass to us to our online privacy notices, you will want to update weblinks for those privacy notices. You can email our Data Protection Officer.

  • Please reach out to your account team for any sales related questions.