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Welcome to the Refinitiv Global Forest

Together with our employees, customers and partners, discover how we are combating climate change with our new ambitious reforestation project.

Despite the enormity of the environmental challenges we face today, we can work together to address the impact of climate change. At Refinitiv, we’re constantly focussed on achieving our collective sustainability targets, and we want you to be a part of it.

one million trees animation

A breath of fresh air

Compelling research estimates that a worldwide tree-planting programme could remove two-thirds of all the carbon emissions from human activities that remain in the atmosphere today.

This inspired us to play our part in the restoration of the forests by creating a global sustainability project with the ambitious goal to:

Plant and conserve one million trees by 2030.

A vision for sustained growth

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One tree will be planted for every current and future Refinitiv employee.

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Refinitiv Workspace

We'll be increasing the number of trees in line with the growth of our customer community.

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We'll be actively seeking new sites to plant and conserve more trees at a corporate and employee-led initiative level.

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You have the opportunity to plant a seed and help us grow our footprint by engaging with our activites and providing feedback.

Grey-scale map of northern Europe showing where Craegan, Scotland is located

First forest site

Where does the forest start?

On World Environment Day on 5 June 2020, we unveiled the site of our very first Refinitiv Forest in Creagan Scotland comprising 45,000 native broadleaf and Scots pine trees. In time, we will reveal other locations around the world that will contribute towards the growth of the Refinitiv Global Forest.

The Creagan site in numbers

  • 20.7
    hectares of forest
  • 6,720
    tonnes of absorbed CO2
  • 8
    tree species
  • 45,741 +
    tree capacity

The global forest facts

Map of africa in greyscale with green arrow pointing out Tanzania forest location

New site

We're growing global: Tanzania

Funded by Refinitiv Charities, and covering almost 8,000 trees, we're excited to partner with Trillion Trees and WWF for our second site, to help restore three coastal forests in Tanzania. Our contribution seeks to put local stakeholders at the centre of the reforestation efforts, to empower and support those seeking to plant and conserve, for the benefit of their communities and the biodiversity that thrives in these areas.

Here's what the Executive Director of Trillion Trees has to say: "In the face of the climate emergency, the protection and restoration of forests is critical if we are to build a world in which both people and nature thrive. But, even now, at a time where the urgency of the situation has never been so clear, forests continue to disappear at an alarming rate. Trillion Trees knows that it is our duty to reverse this trend, and that it will require a truly global effort to succeed. None of us can do it alone. So we welcome Refinitiv’s support and commitment to our partnership - to restore and protect forests around the world."

We are excited, how about you?

We strive to provide the best end-user experience for our Workspace clients, and it’s fantastic to know that through the Refinitiv Global Forest initiative we can take this experience a step further by including them on our sustainability-led journey to plant and conserve 1 million trees by 2030.
Simon Lee
Head of Implementation Management, Refinitiv

This is one target I’m particularly proud of, that aligns perfectly with this year’s World Environment Day theme of biodiversity. It'll also show what we can achieve together by bringing our clients, partners and employees with us on this journey.
Matthew O’Shea
Director, Social Innovation & Philanthropy, Refinitiv

By supporting a natural climate solution in the highlands of Scotland, Refinitiv is creating a new, thriving forest in a previously deforested area. This diverse, publicly accessible native woodland will enable Refinitiv to take climate action while providing a habitat for local wildlife.
Rebecca Fay
CMO for Natural Capital Partners
forest covered green hills
Find out more about our commitment to sustainability

"The Refinitiv Global Forest is an important milestone for the business, marking the transition from not just continually lightening our environmental footprint but going one step further and having a positive impact on the natural world around us. The next decade requires urgent, collective climate action, and this project will become a central pillar of our sustainability commitment and ambition."

Luke Manning, Global Head of Sustainability and Enterprise Risk