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Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning

Your models are only as good as the data they are built on. Find out how Refinitiv's production-grade data can help you scale AI, machine learning and deep learning across your business.

What is the difference between artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning?

How we help

Scale the impact of AI, machine learning and deep learning

Refinitiv’s production grade data is carefully aggregated, cleaned, normalised and managed to help you train models that achieve quality and precision.

Over 5,300 Refinitiv content analysts and specialists are focused on delivering high-quality and clean data that’s ready for humans and machines.

  • 142 million
    company financial data points per year
  • 1mn+
    research documents contributed per quarter
  • 170 year
    legacy of trusted Reuters news
  • 200 measures
    in our Historical FI Index timeseries
  • 260+
    data measures
  • 1200+
    content partners


Why we are trusted worldwide

Getting you into production faster

Refinitiv’s production grade data is ready to train your models and get you into production faster.

Delivering your data flexibly

Our advanced data APIs and feeds are built using cutting-edge analytics, carry sophisticated Natural Language Processing models and are available in the cloud.

Collaborating on new ideas

Refinitiv Labs build new AI/ML prototypes in close collaboration with our customers to solve for today and tomorrow.

Three trends the global financial community needs to watch

How Asia-Pacific financial firms have embraced AI and Machine Learning

As the world focuses on recovering from COVID-19, Asia-Pacific financial firms have accelerated the adoption of AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML). Read Refinitiv's new report to see how they have made huge strides in embracing AI and ML.

front cover image of the rise of data scientists report

Machine learning models for the future

The rise of the data scientist

As machine learning (ML) in financial services matures and data scientists adopt a more strategic role, Refinitiv’s latest AI/ML report reveals how firms are doubling down on their investments to gain an edge.

Our solutions

Solutions driven by AI, machine learning and deep learning

Data exploration tool

Explore the same machine ready data you will use in production. Our data exploration tool gives data scientists, quants and developers free, easy and intuitive access to high-quality Refinitiv data sets and notebooks.

A screenshot of the rich data from Refinitivs data exploration tool

The rich catalogue of Refinitiv data in the data exploration tool

Refinitiv Data Platform

Tap into a depth of data coverage unmatched anywhere else. Quickly discover, test, evaluate, integrate and build emerging technologies, including AI and machine learning applications

An animated gif displaying a single data experience

Latest thinking

Recent perspectives on AI and machine learning