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Asset management insights

Explore our investment insights based on Refinitiv’s broad and differentiated data sets across research papers, blogs and short videos. Spark your investment ideas with truly tailored perspectives.

The asset management industry is under extreme pressure from an already disruptive and competitive market. This is exacerbated by increasing customer expectations of outsized returns and compounded by the increased cost of doing business.

The search for alpha and beating the benchmark has become even more critical with an increasing demand for transparency into performance, attribution, financial risk, sustainable considerations and capital management techniques.

At Refinitiv, we aim to help you generate profitable investment ideas and improve portfolio returns by providing best in class data and insight from our experts. Our insights can help you spark investment ideas to achieve competitive differentiation.

Here, we bring together our top asset management insights from our thought leaders to help you understand key challenges in the market and opportunities that can be found in the data to keep you ahead of the competition.

Quant research and data science

With more and more datasets available to quants and data scientists, the financial community needs to be able to make informed investment decisions with powerful news, data and analytics. Our quantitative research, data science insights and research open up the vast universe of data available across our asset management solutions. Access thought leadership, in-depth analysis and reports written by our in-house experts.

Investment research

Whether you’re generating investment ideas or performing financial analysis on companies and sectors across the globe, read the latest insights from our research hub. Written by our in-house experts, our insights, thought leadership and in-depth analysis showcase the many data sets available in our investment management solutions.

Sustainable investing

As huge changes grip the financial industry, sustainability is increasingly part of the investment-making processes – driven by investor demand and regulation. But investors face challenges knowing where to focus, navigating industry requirements and understanding upcoming regulation. As sustainability expands to all areas of the financial community, look to our insights to understand what is affecting the asset management community and to help shape your sustainable investment ideas.

Fund management insights

Explore our Lipper analysts’ fund management insights to keep on track of trends in the funds industry. Access thought leadership, in-depth analysis and reports written by our in-house analyst team that bring the value of data to life.

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