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Quant research and data science

As digital transformation advances in the investment industry, demand for data to power investment processes continues to intensify at a rapid pace.

Access our data to help you unearth interesting research and articles as well as highlight trends emerging around unstructured and alternative data. Identify previously unconsidered datasets to add to your research and models.

Our research is based on Refinitiv content sets which power the investment processes at many of the world’s most sophisticated hedge funds and asset management firms.

Explore our quant research insights based on our full range of high-quality standard and specialised content.


What is alternative data?

Roger Hirst is joined by various guests to discuss what alternative data is and how it is being used in the financial industry and more broadly today.

How to integrate ESG in quantitative strategies: your 2021 roadmap

How can you use ESG data to fuel your quantitative research? There are ways to break through the noise and design alpha-generating strategies - despite the ever-changing ESG data methodologies. 

Python Quants Tutorial 1 - Getting Started on Windows

Kicking off with the basics, we focus on getting started with Windows OS and cover installation, configuration and first steps.

Exploring 4 ESG Trends Accelerated By The Pandemic

What are the 4 key trends that were accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis? Tune into our interview with Guillaume Mascotto, Vice President, Head of ESG & Investment Stewardship at American Century Investments, to find out.