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Investment research and analytics

Solutions that span across data science to traditional fundamental methods.

When you need to know more

With global multi-asset class coverage, our investment research analysis tools can help provide you with flexible access to deep content sets to power your investment research. We allow you to tap in to independent and unbiased sources which help generate accurate, timely ideas and research.

For the buy-side, as cost pressures continue along with rising demand for more sophisticated research techniques, obtaining the right data and analytical tools are now firmly in focus.

For the sell-side, tighter regulation, industry and client reporting has reduced the scale of the research business and reshaped its economics. Third-party providers that can remain fully compliant whilst opening up additional distribution channels offer a solution.

How we help

Gain full confidence in your investment decisions

Bringing trusted and accurate expertise

  • 1,300
    leading and top rated research contributors
  • 30mn
    research reports
  • 14.2mn
    economic time series
  • 630+
    transparent ESG metrics
Asset management insights

Explore our investment insights based on Refinitiv’s broad and differentiated data sets across research papers, blogs and short videos. Spark your investment ideas with truly tailored perspectives.

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Our specialists will tailor an investment research solution to help solve your specific needs.