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Lipper fund performance

Refinitiv Lipper

With a track record of over 50 years of independent content, Lipper is the go-to resource for fund performance research, providing premium data, fund ratings, analytical tools, and global commentary through specialized product offerings.

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Independent fund performance

When you need to make meaningful like-for-like comparisons across funds that share characteristics, Refinitiv Lipper is the answer.

Lipper provides global, independent fund performance data in a precise, granular fund classification system, and includes mutual funds, closed-end funds (CEFs), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), hedge funds, domestic retirement funds, pension funds, and insurance products.

With over 400 Lipper classifications, you can easily compare funds with similar investment mandates to benchmark fund performance.

Lipper is the database of records (DBOR) for investment fund data and fund ownership, available throughout our portfolio.

Refinitiv recognizes the increasingly critical importance of transparent, accurate and comparable Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data and analytics for the fund management industry. #Refinitiv Lipper now has fund #ESG scores.

  • 400+
    global Lipper fund classifications
  • 50+
    years' track record
  • 335,000
    collective investments

Features & benefits

What you get with Refinitiv Lipper

Independent funds

Inform your strategies with a wealth of independent data trusted by the world’s financial professionals for 50+ years.

Fund classification system

Compare similar funds and benchmark performance more easily with a precise, granular system that features 400+ Lipper classifications.

Comprehensive global fund coverage

Research 335,000 collective investments in 80+ countries and tailor by universe, language, fund detail, update frequency, file format, and distribution.

Manage risk

Improve risk management and mitigation with 70+ relative and absolute measures of risk and return.

Identify top performers

Single out top-performing funds and fund managers using a range of performance and analytical data.

Our solutions

Trusted. Unbiased. Leading.

With its solid history, Refinitiv Lipper is a recognised resource for fund performance research.

Refinitiv Lipper Global Data Feed

Demand for fund information is increasing as asset managers, advisors, and individual investors rely more on digital channels to access market commentary, share investment ideas and perform research. Lipper Global Data Feed is designed to enable your business to efficiently integrate and deliver more fund content via more channels to more customers, wherever and whenever they need it.

Lipper Global Data Feed provides the most comprehensive global coverage on mutual funds, retirement funds, pension funds, and fund fees and expenses.

Our content is relied upon by financial professionals every day to support detailed analysis, peer comparison, performance reporting and investment selection.

Lipper API

Refinitiv’s best-in-class Lipper content is now offered over an API delivery platform, designed to enable customers to creatively integrate and quickly deliver more fund content over this channel.

Providing this invaluable flexibility and open platform approach to investors’ workflows gives access to content in a way that meets your evolving business needs.

Refinitiv Lipper Global Fund Flows

We deliver industry-leading fund sales and redemptions content and analysis to provide you with the knowledge needed to understand current and historical market sentiment, whatever your role in the finance industry.

Our comprehensive coverage of global markets allows you to view estimated net flows globally on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. With industry-leading functionality and coverage, you are able to filter and view data in numerous ways.

View global estimated net fund flows by:

  • geographical aggregations of funds by fund domicile
  • graphical map to instantly display flow data
  • classification-based aggregations based on Lipper proprietary classifications
  • access to a fund’s individual and aggregate historical flow
  • most representative calculation methodology for tracking fund flows activity.

Refinitiv Lipper for Investment Management

Designed to work seamlessly with your workflow, Lipper for Investment Management gives you flexibility over your fund management data and information in a way that suits your needs. Identify new opportunities and define positioning strategies.

  • Superior content – Draw on a global database with over 335,000 share classes covering mutual funds, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), hedge funds, and domestic pension and insurance products.
  • Exceptional charting tools – Understand the data quickly, in graphical format, using time-saving, easy-to-use templates.
  • Insightful portfolio modeling – With the portfolio optimization you can adjust portfolio weightings and calculate a portfolio’s efficient frontier over user-defined monthly time periods.

Refinitiv Lipper For Marketing Funds

Gain investor confidence by promoting the strengths of your fund and validate your strategic investment objectives with our trusted fund data metrics.

A Lipper Fund Marketing License allows you to showcase your funds through the publication of 3 Lipper proprietary metrics: Lipper Leaders Ratings, Lipper Benchmarks/Indices, and Lipper Rankings. It also allows for the redistribution of fund performance statistics for marketing purposes. Combined with our granular and best-in-class classification scheme, these metrics provide compelling, credible and independent evidence of how well your fund is performing against its peers.

The Lipper Leader Rating System

The Lipper Leader Rating System can be used to deliver a simple, clear description of a fund’s success in meeting certain goals, that can then be visually represented on marketing materials. They provide an instant measure of a fund’s success against a specific set of key metrics.

Lipper fund ESG scores

We recognize the increasingly critical importance of transparent, accurate, and comparable Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data and analytics for the fund management industry.

With Lipper Fund ESG scores we have combined Lipper’s leading global fund database (covering over 335,000 funds) with our leading ESG company database (representing 80% of global market cap).

Objective, transparent, and comprehensive, this dataset is available across many of our products including desktop Eikon and Workspace, through to our global data feeds and API, allowing you to integrate ESG factors into portfolio analysis, equity research, screening, or quantitative analysis with ease.

Refinitiv Lipper Fund Factsheets

Your prospective clients and existing customers all refer to factsheets when analysing a fund, so it is crucial that these documents are really reflective of a company’s marketing efforts, while at the same time complying with regulatory requirements.

Refinitiv offers a complete digital factsheet service giving you the ability to produce and distribute  branded factsheets from one single web based platform. Your fund’s data and metrics get automatically populated and we can accommodate most asset classes

  • A single online platform to manage the production, editing and creation of factsheets
  • Optimize and streamline the entire process of factsheet production
  • Reduce errors and compliance risk through automated data population
  • Partner with Lipper to ensure quality and accuracy of factsheets

Refinitiv Lipper Fund Simulator

A fund pitching tool to help drive sales and position investment products more effectively by showcasing and comparing a fund’s investment value. The web-based solution provide product, marketing and sales professionals with advanced, user-friendly tools needed to enhance advisor communications and increase sales performance by standardising and automating the positioning of investment products.

  • Drive sales and position investment products more effectively
  • Enhance client engagement with compelling fund comparison reports
  • Accurately compare a funds relative performance
  • Help clients understand how their investment portfolio would benefit

Our data

Lipper fund data

Add our data to your workflow - our data, your way.

Lipper has been a leading provider of independent fund content, analytics, and insight to the global investment community for over 50 years, used to benchmark fund performance, manage risk, conduct fund due diligence and selection, define product strategy, and help investors find suitable investments.

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Lipper Alpha Insight

Tap into our investment insights to identify trends in the global financial markets.


Fund Awards

Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards

The global industry benchmark for over 30 years, the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards reflect a truly independent and uncompromised assessment of performance in over 17 countries worldwide. Our legacy is underpinned by Refinitiv Lipper's acclaimed fund data and proprietary quantitative methodology.

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