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Asset management

Portfolio management

Guide decision making, take calculated risks and improve your portfolio returns.

Analyze and monitor your portfolios and funds

With active fund managers facing competitive pressures and fee compression, the imperative to deliver and demonstrate a systematic approach to risk-adjusted returns has never been greater.

Data and technology are playing a more pivotal role in the investment decision-making process. Active fund managers are in need of more sophisticated tools, accurate data, and alternative approaches to their investment process to differentiate themselves.

Our portfolio analytical tools provide transparency and reporting for performance attribution and portfolio risk analytics, including Refinitiv's proprietary risk models, MSCI's Barra Optimizer, RiskMetrics analytical and simulation modelling.

How we help

Improve your portfolio returns

Bringing trusted and accurate expertise through data and analytics

  • 40bn
    average daily updates
  • 1.3mn
    equity quotes from 325 exchanges
  • 335,000+
    mutual funds covered
  • 450+
    transparent ESG metrics
Asset management insights

Explore our investment insights based on Refinitiv’s broad and differentiated data sets across research papers, blogs and short videos. Spark your investment ideas with truly tailored perspectives.

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