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Asset management

Helping asset managers and owners outperform, mitigate risk and boost productivity.

Why Refinitiv?

Global, multi-asset solutions for your investment process

From asset allocation, idea generation and portfolio management to order management and execution, performance measurement and portfolio valuation, Refinitiv and FTSE Russell provide solutions to facilitate your investment process. In a competitive and highly regulated market, our market-leading content, analytics, indexes and evaluated pricing help firms outperform, manage risk and be compliant. We innovate with natural language processing and machine learning, so your team can be more productive and focus on value-added tasks. 

Image of a portfolio manager art-worked with some graphic elements.
LSEG Workspace for Analysts and Portfolio Managers

Experience a flexible, tailored solution that aggregates industry data, delivers proprietary analytics and automates critical research and portfolio management workflows. Know first, so you can act first.

Sustainable investing

Managing risk and improving investment outcomes

We help put ESG thinking at the heart of your investment process to mitigate risks and improve returns.

The world’s leading investment managers use our integrated company and country ESG data to systematically build sustainability into their investment process.

  • 85% global market cap
    Covered by our ESG scores and analytics
  • 630+ ESG metrics
    With transparency back to source documents
  • 181 countries
    Sovereign-level ESG and climate metrics

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