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Asset management

With active asset managers under pressure from the popularity of passive funds and the squeeze on fees, finding alpha is hard. So whether your approach is fundamental or pure quant, our data and technology will help you meet investment mandates and differentiate your funds.

How we can help

Fundamental research

The deeper your data, the more confidence you can have in your decisions. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive market data, including real-time and historical going back 60+ years from Datastream.

When you can find the data quicker, you can spend more time enhancing your research. Eikon gives you powerful search capabilities and lets you store and share your own data, forecasts, and research. Everything you need for top-down or bottom-up fundamental research.

A screenshot showing FTSE 100 data

Drill down into the sectors and securities driving portfolio performance

Screenshot showing estimates for J Sainsbury's PLC

View aggregated analysts’ estimates on price targets and recommendations

Quantitative research

When you’ve hit on a new idea for a quant strategy, you need to robustly back-test and analyze it before you take it on to production.

Our wide spectrum of content and our powerful data management platform give you new ways to view and analyze data to help you create winning models – whether you’re predicting market movements or assessing risk.

Portfolio management

How do you keep your portfolios aligned with your investment objectives and keep your clients satisfied?

With Eikon, using the most complete and trusted data available, you can stay on top of market movements. With profiling, attribution, and risk management capabilities, you can ensure you’re meeting mandates and stress-testing your portfolios to mitigate any potential shocks.

Screenshot for Investment management showing portfolio analysis for StarMine

Analyze whether your portfolio is matching investment objectives

Investment Management- Custom reports for clients

Customize and tailor your reports

Custom reports for clients

Create and customize investment performance reports easily, incorporating your logo, disclaimers, and commentary. Build and manage automated batch reporting yourself or by fully outsourcing to our batching service for client reports.

Risk valuation and stress tests

Quickly understand areas of potential risk with MSCI’s Multi-Asset Class Risk Analytics suite available within the Eikon platform. By combining this industry-leading multi-asset risk analysis within existing applications, you can also increase capacity to undertake risk management on your portfolio.

Screenshot showing portfolio analytics for S&P Europe BMI

Evaluate returns with recognised industry risk methodologies

Portfolio managers webinar series

WEBINAR: How will COVID-19 impact portfolio management?

We look at the economic weakness, market impact and effect on investments due to COVID-19,  with the risks and opportunities this presents.

Case study

Global asset management firm streamlines market data infrastructure

Our customers need to determine the feasibility of investment ideas more quickly than ever before. By providing rapid access to trials of additional content and quant services, we are helping accelerate their investment process.


Our partners

To ensure you benefit from the latest thinking and technology, our partner marketplace provides seamless access to trusted content, powerful innovation, and new opportunities. We partner with over 2,000 organizations.


Scale the investment process in a systematic way to optimize performance. With Elsen we developed QA Point, an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform for professional investors.


Get insights from a wider range of analytics providers across all asset classes. Finbourne’s cloud-based investment book of records enhances Eikon’s portfolio analytics abilities.

Microsoft Azure

By delivering QA Direct and Intelligent Tagging via MicrosoftAzure we're enhancing data integrity, processing and scalability. We're also making our data available directly in Office 365 for ease of use.

MSCI Risk Metrics

Access market-leading, multi-asset class risk analytics from MSCI. Integrated in Eikon, it delivers portfolio analytics, market monitoring and idea generation.

TruValue Labs

Get current, comprehensive ESG information mined from objective, 3rd party sources. The combination of Eikon with TruValue Labs’ Insight360 powers users to make better informed investment decisions.

Visible Alpha

Consume, track and value research content from providers and comply with MiFID II research unbundling regulations using Visible Alpha’s applications combined into Eikon.