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Working in the Customer operations team

Can you drive and champion the best end-to-end customer experience? Ready to provide industry-leading content that prompts what we do next? The challenge starts here.

A closer look

Customer operations is behind the insights that frame how we work with customers, how we tailor our services to their needs and how we make every touchpoint of the customer lifecycle a good one. It requires skilled and dedicated team members driving it through end-to-end, covering human and digital touchpoints along the way.  

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When I did research on Refinitiv and found out that I'd be able to work with different key strategic accounts from all different parts of the world, that really excited me. I go onsite to visit them on a daily basis. I make sure specifically that our quantum feeds are working and are fully integrated within their business. I make sure that Refinitiv is a true partner in their business.

Join us

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We’re building a community of world-class people who will break new barriers and redefine what data can do. If you’re relentlessly focussed on delivering success, you could join them. Be the breakthrough, activate your future and shape ours.

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You might not see a role that suits you here today, but that’s OK. There are always opportunities for high performing, ambitious people who are passionate about creating an impact for customers. We want to hear from you. Share your resume/cv with us and be the first to hear about new roles.