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Working in the Finance team

Ready to provide the strategic insight that powers decision-making? There’s no better place to make it a reality. The challenge starts here.

A closer look

Our Finance team hold the key that transforms management information into actionable intelligence. They ensure effective financial management of the organization via robust internal controls, accurate financial reporting, risk management and regulatory compliance. 

Arjunan Padmavathy conversing with a colleague in an office setting
One of the coolest things I have done here is promoting and creating safe working spaces for the community, in terms of LGBT individuals. It gives me an immense amount of happiness to see individuals being themselves at work and feel safe to be themselves instead of being something else they don't want to be.

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We’re building a community of world-class people who will break new barriers and redefine what data can do. If you’re relentlessly focussed on delivering success, you could join them. Be the breakthrough, activate your future and shape ours.