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Discover central banks insights fuelled by our access to world-class data and expertise. Our blogs, videos, special reports, research and thought leadership content provide you with answers you can trust.

Central banks have an important role to play among financial institutions – they ensure that financial markets operate smoothly and are instrumental in implementing robust monetary policy. As the dynamics of the world economy evolve, so too, does the role of central banks. Central banking and financial communities need to keep pace with these technological changes to assimilate into the changing landscape of financial markets.

We empower central banks to act confidently in the financial market ecosystem by improving operational efficiencies and increasing transparency of market participants.

Discover our latest central banking and financial markets thought leadership and intelligence. Find answers you can trust.


Watch our central banks videos, where we speak to experts about key topics that affect institutions today.

The Big Conversation: Did central banks stop the reset?

We speak to Andrea Zazzarelli, Chief Investment Strategist at Fathom Consulting, about whether the economy and market have entered a new cycler after the COVID recession, or whether policymakers have supercharged the previous one.

Data on the Data: The rise of central bank digital currency

Sachin Somani, Global Director of Customer Proposition at Refinitiv, outlines the desire for central banks to develop their own digital currency to complement their existing offerings, reduce the reliance on coins and notes, and compete with private coins in the crypto space.


Rapid changes in trading are taking place. Are you keeping pace?

In our Evolution of Trading report series, we explore the impact of automation on trading workflows, and find out how traders and firms are adapting.

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