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Over 90% of financial services firms want to migrate to the cloud in the next four years. What are the key factors behind this industry transformation?

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Our take on cloud computing in 60 seconds

Many firms cite cost, scalability, and data integrity as the top three drivers. While most have long-term ambitions for the cloud, 25% are aiming to use it for the majority of their market data needs within the next year.

However the most exciting potential of the cloud lies in its ability to power the advanced analytics and machine-learning tools needed to deliver AI solutions – and unlock the potential for greater alpha.

The cloud offers fast, on-demand access to large volumes of data, cost-efficiently. As a cloud user, that means you can validate experiments quickly – avoiding the lengthy approval and implementation processes and costs that previously held back innovation.

The key to unlocking the benefits of the cloud lies in the data inputs. Reliable, high-quality data is essential for successful innovation.

Key takeaways

Here are the essentials

Drive innovation and analysis

Exploit the low cost of entry to experiment in a more agile way. Benefit from computer elasticity to power your analytics.

Consider the options

Begin with a clear cloud strategy. Analyze your specific workflows before deciding on an approach.

Spend more time creating value

Focus more of your efforts on creating value from data. Benefit from our approach to cloud-based data management and delivery.

Expert opinion

The view from our experts

The cloud has the ability to transform the way we work and do business. The time to adopt the technology and realize its full potential is now.

Product focus

Elektron Real Time in the Cloud - helping your search for alpha

Enabling you to find new sources of alpha, maximize operational performance, and create premium customer experiences, our cloud-based API is increasingly vital to your organization.

Offering you access to a comprehensive breadth and depth of real-time and non-real time content across a range of asset classes and geographies, Elektron Real Time in the Cloud makes it quicker and easier to access large quantities of data whenever you need it. Testing and developing becomes more agile – so you innovate faster, at the same time as learning and optimizing in-market.

In the race to develop new solutions, ensuring the right building blocks are in place is vital.

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