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Corporate treasury

Quick and easy access to market-leading data, tools and analytics to help you manage market volatility, risk and regulatory change. 

How we can help

Optimize long-term funding

Strengthen your long-term funding strategy. Eikon's pricing and peer data – covering corporate bonds, credit default swaps, loan pricing, credit ratings, and debt structure information – coupled with best-in-class commentary and analysis by IFR Markets on FX, rates, and credit means you can build your long-term corporate treasury strategy on the strongest possible foundations.

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Easily access credit default swaps, and other pricing and peer data, to strengthen your long-term funding strategy

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Efficiently execute FX with FXall in Eikon trading spots, forwards, and swaps

Manage short-term liquidity and FX execution

Optimize short-term liquidity and execute FX transactions that control your risk exposure. Eikon gives you the widest range of money market views (including fixings deposits, repos, central bank rates, and interest rate derivatives), while FXall gives you an electronic platform to trade spot, forwards, swaps, NDFs, and options, with access to liquidity from over 180 leading providers.

Hedge risk exposure and manage counterparty risk

Access unique insights into cross-asset risk factors with both Eikon and DataScope Select. Optimize hedging strategies with our independent, market-standard analytics, and act on third-party risk confidently with our data and analytics, which help you to develop an independent view of counterparty, credit, and default risk for your major trading partners.

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Access FX analysis and the latest business news from IFR Markets in Eikon


Our partners

To ensure you benefit from the latest thinking and technology, our partner marketplace provides seamless access to trusted content, powerful innovation, and new opportunities. We partner with over 2,000 organizations.


Thanks to our open platform approach the treasury management systems of FIS integrate smoothly with our critical content and trade pricing solutions.

Hedge Trackers 

Through our open platform we enable integration of our critical content and trade pricing solutions with hedge accounting software provider Hedge Trackers.


Kyriba is the global leader in cloud-based treasury, cash, risk and payment management solutions, delivering financial technology to CFOs and Treasurers. Thousands of global organizations use Kyriba.


Manage today’s rigorous regulatory demands and third-party risks with World Check + SAP Business Integrity Screening integration.