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Corporate treasury solutions

Open and easy access to market-leading data, tools and analytics to help you manage market volatility, risk and regulatory change.

Workflow solutions Corporate Treasurers can count on

As a leading financial markets data provider, Refinitiv is an essential partner for corporate treasurers. Our global, multi-asset and multi-jurisdiction view of risk, credit and economic data enable treasury teams to drive stability by managing the global and interconnected nature of risk today.

We help you move away from the burden of day-to-day operations and manual processes towards a more strategic and open approach. An approach that delivers reliable forecasting and helps you capitalize on – rather than simply respond to – market trends.

Our corporate treasury solutions help deliver accurate and relevant data, tools and analytics that can be accessed easily and intuitively – simplifying your workflows and ensuring seamless integration with your treasury management system (TMS).

Our corporate treasury solutions

Market monitoring and pre-trade analysis

Monitor, analyze and understand the risks that impact corporate profit and loss and solvency.

  • Manage the cost of equipment procurement against the probability of rate rises
  • Monitor and analyse foreign exchange market volatility and its impact on corporate operations
  • Understand consumer confidence, spending and consumer credit levels


Optimize long-term funding strategies and reduce the cost of financing.

  • Find the right advisors and expertise for each component of your funding and minimize fees for long-term funding
  • See what peers pay to raise capital through a bond issue
  • Run pre-issuance price scenarios with a user-defined bond pricer
  • See comparable fees paid for capital market transactions such as IPOs, M&As, bond issuance and loans

Investment decisions

Make the best short- and long-term finance decisions.

  • Calculate market value, price returns and interest gains for multi-asset investment portfolios
  • Optimize portfolios according to specific yield and risk targets
  • Screen for investment opportunities according to the criteria of their investment policy

Liquidity and trading

Effectively manage liquidity and trading along with foreign exchange exposure

  • Seamlessly interact with over 200 bank and non-bank liquidity providers and trade in over 2,500 currency pairs
  • Effectively manage foreign exchange exposure with a full end-to-end trading workflow solution that provides seamless access to electronic, automated post-trade confirmation matching
  • Optimize and automate foreign exchange trading performance for greater fragmentation of liquidity

Risk Management and hedging

Understand and effectively manage risks to your company’s profit and loss .

  • Generate a full suite of regulatory compliant reports
  • Monitor and manage the events which occur due to positions taken in certain financial instruments, securities and derivatives
  • Manage the transition from LIBOR

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Place ESG considerations at the centre of treasury operations.

  • Gain more counterparty visibility based around specific ESG scores and criteria for suppliers, banks, clients and competitors
  • Get a clear insight into how a counterparty’s operations are financed and where any excess cash is invested
  • Monitor reputational risk as it relates to financing, capital raising and investing surplus cash

Why Refinitiv?

Bringing you trusted and accurate expertise

Serving more than 40,000 institutions in approximately 190 countries, Refinitiv provides advanced data and technology to help corporate treasury teams make critical decisions with confidence.

  • $400bn+
    in FX trading per day and unparalleled access to deep liquidity
  • 84 countries
    with real-time data covering 1,960 economic, commodity & central bank indicators
  • 68,000
    public companies with deep financial information - 99% of global market cap
Goodbye LIBOR

Get easy access to alternative forward-looking and risk-free reference rates to help manage the LIBOR transition.



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