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COVID-19: Essential market insight and resources

Navigate rapid market shifts with our​ expert data-driven insights and news.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread globally we are here to help you navigate extraordinary market challenges with our breadth and depth of expert data.

We are ever-ready to help you – our customers, partners, governments and media – understand the impact the pandemic is having on societies and economies. We have invested strongly in our business continuity and resilience measures and have ensured customers have complete remote access to our web-based products – to track, trade, advise and monitor markets at this pivotal moment. 

Leverage Refinitiv's trusted data, market-leading insights and technology to navigate the rapid market shifts as you look for ways ahead - and count on our products to make sense of the unfolding financial crisis. Feel confident in the decisions you make with Refinitiv at your side.

How we can help

Track the global impact of Coronavirus with Eikon

To help navigate the markets with trusted and real-time data and insight on COVID-19, we have enhanced our products and curated insights.

Our new Macro Vitals app provides a comprehensive set of data, news, charts and insight recording the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Understand global government and central bank response to the crisis by delving into an unparalleled data repository. Type in 'MACROV' in Eikon to access this app. 

The Coronavirus app on Eikon is your single destination to keep track of the key market moving headlines as well as the charts, data and market impact analysis, sectors and commodities asset classes. Type 'Coronavirus' in the search bar to access the application in Eikon desktop or web.

Access Eikon through a web browser for optimal connection to our industry leading market data, news and content. This access point is lighter on memory capacity and hence, more adaptable for laptops or personal computers. Customers can access Eikon Web now with existing user credentials or contact us for a free trial.

Not an Eikon user? Get in touch with us for a free trial.

Corona Correction

Watch the latest episode

Svetlana Malysh portrait shot on a blue background

Episode 17

Coronavirus - Is Black Sea Agriculture Looking Bleak?

Published on: April 9, 2020 • Duration: 5 minutes

Roger Hirst and Svetlana Malysh, Refinitiv’s Black Sea Agricultural Markets Analyst, talk about whether supply chain issues will become issues for production. Food supply chains have been one of the main talking points during the Coronavirus crisis, with the initial scramble to hoard essentials eventually giving way to concerns about the ongoing supply from regions which are in lockdown.

Computer graphic world map made of pixels

Webinar series

COVID-19: Financial Impact Bulletin

A regular webinar series helping you understand the impact of coronavirus on the economy, markets and industries – brought to you by Refinitiv and Reuters News.

Providing service continuity

We have invested strongly in our business continuity and resilience measures.  Our top priority is the health of our people and our customers. We have control measures in place including business critical only travel restrictions. Refinitiv has well-established remote working capabilities which enable our employees to do their work and support our customers from anywhere in the world.   

We continue to adhere to the highest possible standards issued by health experts at the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Johns Hopkins Hospital, as well as governments and regulators across our 190 countries of operation.

Remote access information

We encourage customers to contact their IT department, where applicable, before downloading or accessing any of the following Refinitiv products in order to obtain approval or company guidance.