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Managing and integrating data

For every $1 spent on acquiring data, firms are spending over $4 managing it – resources that should be used to maximize its value. It’s time to regain control.

Our take on managing and integrating data in 60 seconds

92% of companies are using inaccurate and incomplete databases to drive their systems. This can lead to modelling errors and makes it harder to realize the data’s full value.

Harnessing clean and structured data with common symbology is key. With an optimal data solution, you can focus your time and resources on what’s most important: finding new opportunities to generate alpha.

To extract maximum value from their data, organizations need to focus on achieving faster understanding of the data, connecting the dots by integrating different data sets, increasing the number of questions they can ask of it, quickly, and assessing the implications of the answers.

Key takeaways

Here are the essentials

Understand the true cost

In many cases data management costs are over four times higher than acquisition costs. Are you undermining the value of your data?

Unlock opportunity

Uncover hidden opportunities with clean, structured information. Fragmented data can hinder meaningful analysis.

Use the cloud

Access and organize large data sets faster and more efficiently by using cloud-based services for your data management.