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Macroeconomic expert insight series

How much will the economic weakness, due to COVID-19,  affect your investments? We believe that depends a lot on the country and industry. 


The impact of shutting down public spaces and implementing stay-at-home orders and social distancing varies substantially by industry.

To determine each country’s and industry’s vulnerability to the COVID-19 crisis, we employed the “wisdom of crowds” for data-centered discussions.” Our “crowd” in this case are leading economists who are monitoring the COVID-19 recovery or road to recession.

This invitation-only series will help you get close to the data and deep-thinkers to discuss how to navigate the crisis and the path to recovery.

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Covid economics: disease trajectory, macro scenarios, and micro implications

Friday, May 29, 2020

A decreasing trend graph with error bars

Keynote Paul Swartz of BCG, will explain the three models of economic “shock geometry” and two economic supply-side threats as a result of COVID-19. He will also evaluate the chances of preventing a U-shaped scenario, but conclude that “the battle is underway, and without innovation the odds are not in favor.

Economic briefing: looking for worldwide recoveries in the PMI data

Friday, June 5, 2020

A bright spot on the right had side with bright lines arching out from it

The webinar will look at the key data releases from the week, which includes the global PMI surveys for May. Covering both manufacturing and services, the surveys will provide the first insights into whether the world’s major economies have bottomed out after many countries started to ease some of the restrictions designed to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

April saw the US, Eurozone, UK and many other countries intensify their battles against the pandemic by extending lockdowns which commenced in late March, leading to record falls in business activity during the month. With some restrictions being lifted in May, and companies encouraged to restart work in many countries, there’s hope that the PMIs will have started to pick up again, albeit likely remaining in contraction.

The covid depression: where and when will we see a recovery – consensus forecasts as useful measures of expectations

Friday, June 12, 2020

An ascending line graph on a blue screen

Chief Economist, Philip Hubbard and his research team, will discuss the consensus forecast for the US and Latam and their outlook for the month ahead.

Economic outlook: insights from the north

Friday, June 19th, 2020

A hand touches a tablet with a line graph displayed

Dawn Desjardins will present RBC Economics’ research on Canadian consumer spending, examining the data for glimmers of hope and signs of recovery vs. retraction. This webinar will examine how Canada’s more measured approach to reopening has affected its overall economy, with an eye to provincial differences.

She’ll also explore the impact of ongoing government stimulus programs on economic recovery and unemployment rates, in addition to cross-border issues (supply chain constraints, exports to the US, etc.) And with COVID-19 changing immigration patterns for the foreseeable future: what will replace it as the growth engine of Canada’s economy?

COVID-19 and real estate – what have we learned so far

Friday, June 26, 2020

A burst of purple shades with numbers flying out from a centroid on the left

In this webinar Will Robson, Global Head of Real Estate Research Solutions, MSCI will explore current real estate market trends to review how the pandemic has impacted investment performance so far and what past experience might be able to teach us.

These insights will be gleaned from MSCI’s global fund- and asset-level index data as well as recent research on topics like how lease lengths can impact performance and why attribution analysis may be particularly useful in a crisis.

Fathom’s recovery watch: biggest global recession to be followed by sharp bounce back?

Friday, July 10th, 2020

Fathom Consulting has been monitoring the consequences (economic, financial and geopolitical) of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. The economic fallout has been severe, with major advanced economies set to face the sharpest falls in GDP in recorded history. Unemployment has increased dramatically, and a second wave of infection is still a clear risk. Nonetheless, global economic activity bottomed in April, and Fathom is increasingly convinced that the global economy is set for a sharp bounce back.
In this exclusive webinar, Kevin Loane, Head of Fathom USA, will lead us through the following:

  • What’s new: what have we learned about the virus and the initial economic impact?
  • Fathom’s central scenario: upgrading the weight we attach to a V-shaped recovery
  • Long-term consequences for geopolitics and the way we live our lives