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Evolving trading workflows

Shifting market structure, thinner pools of liquidity, and greater regulation – the trading community is under growing pressure. Technology has the answers, but only when it allows you to trade the way you want.

Our take on evolving trading workflows in 60 seconds

How do you do more with less – and do it faster? Seconds are vital, so end-to-end trading is essential. The shift to multi-asset trading means you have to learn new skills rapidly. In an era of stringent regulation, your every move faces intense scrutiny.

Technology is helping to solve the challenges of evolving trading workflows. Automation allows you to become more productive and focus on alpha generation or risk mitigation, instead of lower-value trading tasks. Artificial Intelligence hones competitive advantage by pairing human intuition with machine analysis. While straight-through processing enables you to trade smarter, faster, and safer.

The days of old, closed systems are numbered. Whether you’re buy or sell side, you need open, flexible platforms that let you trade how you want. You need tools that integrate with your existing technology, connect to preferred counterparties, and can be used as the basis for your own applications, helping you to create a more flexible, agile trading workflow.

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A key advantage of automation… is that it removes the emotion from trading while speeding up execution, as people aren’t devoting as much time to thinking about where they should make a trade.

Key takeaways

Here are the essentials

Trade your way

Don’t let closed technology limit trading opportunities. With open, integrated platforms you can customize according to your needs.

Automate for advantage

Cut time spent on manual processes. Automate low-value tasks so you can focus on the trades that matter most.

Trade safer

There’s much more to comply with now. Use machine learning and automation to make sure you meet your essential obligations.

Product focus

How FXall can help manage the trading workflow

Choice, agility, efficiency, and confidence

With liquidity access to straight-through processing, trading spot, forwards, swaps, NDFs, and options is only a click away. While you seamlessly execute your trading strategies, you can comply with global regulations.

It’s why FXall is the first choice for 2,300+ institutional clients and 180+ liquidity providers and alternative market makers.

Screenshot of FXall in Eikon

FXall in Eikon