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Financial crime

Data, human intelligence, and advanced technology play a vital role in risk management and helping to fight financial crime. We offer the tools to help you avoid the associated reputational and financial damage.

The true cost of financial crime

We are committed to uncovering the true scale of the financial crime challenge, to raise awareness, and create the data and coalitions that will increase our ability to fight financial crime together. Join the conversation #FightFinancialCrime.

  • $1.45 trillion
    is the estimated aggregated loss of turnover from financial crime
  • 47%
    of our survey respondents were a victim of financial crime
  • 3.1%
    of annual turnover is spent combatting financial crime

Global Coalition

The Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime

Providing a global AML platform

World-Check Customer Risk Screener Salesforce partnership demo video

The current anti-money laundering regime needs to be much more effective. The Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime was formed by Refinitiv, World Economic Forum and Europol to drive a comprehensive, concerted effort to help identifying key weaknesses in the current AML system, advocate tangible reforms at political and policy level, and enhance the effectiveness of the global AML regime. Watch this video to hear perspectives from the Coalition members to help fight financial crime.

How we help

Fulfill your due diligence obligations

World-Check serves your risk management needs through Know Your Customer (KYC) and third-party screening. Used by the world’s largest firms, it simplifies day-to-day onboarding and monitoring decisions, and helps you comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation. For further in-depth information, our Enhanced Due Diligence reports offer detailed background checks on any entity or individual.

World-Check Risk Intelligence: fulfill your due diligence obligations and identify potential criminal activity with information from reputable public domain sources.

Minimize cost and complexity using structured data

Using structured, de-duplicated, accurate, and trusted risk intelligence along with a unified workflow can strengthen your customer and third-party risk management framework, while creating cost savings and operational efficiencies. Increase the effectiveness of your risk management programs with quality data, delivered in the format you need.

Accelerate client onboarding

Onboarding processes are time consuming and complicated, with cost implications from staffing requirements, technology infrastructure and delayed transactions. Find out more about Client On-boarding.

Reduce the complexity and operational burden associated with onboarding and remediation processes, accelerate your ability to do business, and minimize client touch points to improve their onboarding experience using KYC as a Service.