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StarMine Price Momentum Model

An overview of StarMine Price Momentum Model 

The StarMine Price Momentum (Price Mo) model is a percentile ranking of stocks based on recent historical price performance.

Higher scores indicate stocks with the strongest price momentum. An overall score of 95 indicates that the security has better price momentum than roughly 95% of its peers. The overall score for a given stock is a blend of its scores on each component. The headline StarMine Price Mo score featured in StarMine Professional is the Regional Rank, in which a given stock is ranked against all others in its Region. The StarMine Price Mo Global Rank is also available.

Key Facts 

  • Geographical coverage
  • History
    From 1998
  • Data format
    User Interface
  • Delivery mechanism
    Deployed/Onsite Servers
  • Data frequency

Features & Benefits

What you get with StarMine Price Momentum Model 

  • StarMine Price Mo intelligently acknowledges the tendency of long-term trends in returns to continue plus the tendency of short-term trends to revert.
  • The model also includes an innovative blend of short-term, mid-term, and long-term components and incorporates information on industry-level price momentum and the degree of consistency, or volatility in prior returns.

How it works

 Accessing the dataset

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