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From exchange data to supply and demand fundamentals, we give you the commodities data you need for efficient energy trading.


How our Energy data can benefit you

  • Energy content from Refinitiv provides you with a unique understanding of global markets and puts you at the center of a dynamic trading community.
  • Including price, weather and trade flow forecasting, our Energy content allows you to grasp exactly where the market is, where it has been and ultimately where it is likely to go next – giving you the confidence to act quickly and profitably.
  • Refinitiv Energy data has extensive market coverage of content, including oil and refined products, power, gas, carbon and coal markets.
  • Real-time and Historical Prices - detailed real-time, delayed and historical pricing from all the major commodities exchanges around the world plus proprietary OTC pricing from specialist reporters.
  • Third-party Specialist Data - from the most respected providers of energy data, including Platts, Argus, Genscape, IIR Energy, PIERS, Polymerupdate, Hart Energy and others.
  • Fundamentals Data – we provide a consolidated set of current and historical supply and demand data as well as forecasts, giving you deep insight into both the physical and futures markets. A clear intuitive interface enables you to drill down quickly to explore by commodity, region or date, and immediately view meaningful graphs and tables, or download to Excel.
  • Commodity Flows – using a combination of vessel tracking, fixtures, editorial, customs and port inspection data to identify crude, refined products and LNG cargo movements and track the major flows to and from global hubs.
  • Interactive Map - provides a visual representation of the key factors that affect the supply chain and impact prices. You can see vessel movements, weather events and other factors on a map, and then drill down into a geographical area to identify and analyze risks quickly.
  • Refineries – real-time and historical outage alerts (scheduled and unscheduled), right down to individual units.
  • Research and Forecasts - forward-looking analysis and an independent interpretation of where the market is going.
  • Shipping – Access a comprehensive, real-time view of what’s happening on the water, at port and across the supply chain. Where are the vessels, what’s on them, where are they headed? Content includes freight-rates, forward freight agreements, shipping equities, fixtures, fleet analysis, distance calculator, bunker prices as well as port activity and shipping news.
  • FX Rates - extensive spot/cross rates as well as major forward currency rates.

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