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LEBA - The London Energy Brokers' Association

An overview of LEBA - The London Energy Brokers' Association 

    The London Energy Brokers' Association (LEBA), formed in 2003, represents wholesale market broking firms active in over the counter and exchange traded UK and liberalised European energy markets.

    More than $2 trillion worth of energy is traded through LEBA brokers each year. The major products dealt in include crude oil and refined petroleum products, gas, electricity, coal and emissions.

      Key Facts 

      • Geographical coverage
        United Kingdom
      • History
        From 2003
      • Data format
        User Interface
        Zip Archive
      • Delivery mechanism
      • Data frequency

      Features & Benefits

      What you get with LEBA - The London Energy Brokers' Association 

      • All leading Energy Brokers are a member of LEBA.
      • UK power, emissions, European gas and coal indices are the global pricing benchmark for the market.
      • LEBA’s relationship with regulators, government bodies and energy market associations supports efforts to ensure the highest standard of training, competence and codes of conduct are adhered to.
      • Intermediates and facilitates bilateral contracts to be concluded between banks, trading houses, commercial enterprises, public utilities and integrated energy businesses.
      • Collects and publishes frequent statistics covering the size and scope of the member firms' activities in the wholesale energy markets.


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