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Commodities Data

Commodities - Metals

An overview of Commodities - Metals 

Access all the metals commodities news, insights and content you need with Eikon.

From exchange data to supply and demand fundamentals, our metals content provides you a unique understanding of this global market and puts you at the centre of a dynamic trading community.

With data including pricing and exclusive research and forecasts, grasp exactly where the market is, where it has been and where it is likely to go next.

Key Facts 

  • Geographical coverage
    North America
  • History
    From 1950 in Datastream
    From 2016 in Eikon
  • Data format
    User Interface
    Zip Archive
  • Delivery mechanism
    Deployed/Onsite Servers
    Digital Files
    RSS Feed
  • Data frequency

Features & Benefits

What you get with Commodities - Metals 

  • Extensive market coverage: Content includes precious metals, base metals, minor metals, iron ore, steel, and mining.
  • Detailed forward-looking and historical insight into the underlying drivers of mine economics. We enable you to identify profitable gold (over 350 projects and mines) and copper (over 26 largest copper producing companies) and analyse which mines and projects offer the best growth opportunities.
  • Real-time and historical prices: Detailed real-time, delayed and historical pricing from all the major commodities exchanges around the world.
  • Research and forecasts: Our Research team provide independent analysis and research into metals markets. Outlooks and forecasts cover all key traded metals over a wide range of forward looking periods, plus historic analysis and independent analyst commentary.
  • Fundamentals data: Deep insights into the physical and futures markets provide a consolidated set of current and historical metals supply and demand data. A clear intuitive interface enables you to drill down to explore by commodity, region or date – and immediately view meaningful graphs and tables, or download to Excel.
  • Interactive map: Analyse risks with a visual representation of the key factors that affect the supply chain and impact prices. See over 350 mines and projects with detailed data on mine profile including production, operating and owning company, operating cost, capital cost, and cash flow analysis.
  • Third-party specialist data: Covering data from Platts, Argus, Fastmarkets, Custeel, Asian Metal, Steelorbis, Steelhome, Antaike.
  • FX rates: Extensive spot/cross rates as well as major forward currency rates.
  • Shipping: View in real-time what’s happening on the water, at the port, and across the supply chain. Data includes freight-rates, forward freight agreements, shipping equities, fixtures, fleet analysis, distance calculator, bunker prices as well as port activity and shipping news.


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