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Investment Banking League Tables

Deals and League Tables

Screenshot showing Deals and League Tables in Eikon

Deals data that express ranking, market share, M&A Ran Value, deal count and year over year analytics

Monitor deal flow, identify market trends, and gain insight into your competitive positioning with our Deals and League tables – whatever the region, asset class, or industry vertical.

Why choose our deals data?

Carry out global deal and market volume analysis against over 3.3m transactions announced in 225 nations since the 1970s.

Our investment banking transaction data for M&A and New Issues Deal coverage is unprecedented and widely considered the global benchmark. And, so you can be confident every data point is fully validated and up-to-date, we run over 2,500 quality control checks at data entry and over 1,000 more around the clock.

Deals Business Intelligence

Deals Business Intelligence is a dynamic business analysis tool that combines the depth and breadth of our deals data with our proprietary fee algorithm, to deliver strategic insight to the deal making community.

Features & benefits

What you get with our deals data

Comprehensive coverage

Conduct global deal analytics and market volume analysis against 3.3m transactions announced in 225 nations since the 1970s.

Trusted quality

Access 2,500+ pre-product quality control validations at data entry, plus 1,000+ intra-day and nightly validations.

Analyze business trends

Track the latest deal trends and new structures using thousands of granular deals data points.

Greater breadth and depth

Gain insight across M&A, equity, debt, syndicated loans, municipals, project finance, joint ventures, and debt restructuring.

One-stop shop

Save time with a single data source, from business strategy to aggregate trend-spotting and more.

Combined insights

Not just deals information but also other globally consistent reference data, including research, filings, and estimates.

How it works

How our deals data works


Monitor deal flow, identify market trends and gain insight into your competitive positioning with Eikon - in any region, asset class or industry vertical.

Custom data feed solutions

Get all Deals and League Tables supplied as raw data to feed straight into your own systems using our custom data feed.

Company deals in Eikon

Quickly access the deals overview of a single company of choice including banking relationships, deal statistics and deal list