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Fundamental analysis

Company Fundamentals

Screenshot of Apple Inc income statement

Comprehensive income statement data for investment analysis

From developed to emerging markets, research company financials with more confidence from Reuters and Worldscope Fundamentals.

Why choose our fundamental company data?

Reuters Fundamentals

With deeper data you can carry out your research in confidence.

Reuters Fundamentals gives you a range you won’t find anywhere else. Going back to the early 1980s, our financials combine 99% of the global market capitalization with in-depth local market knowledge. That’s over 90,000 companies traded in more than 169 exchanges in over 150 countries.

And, with direct access to the calculation, source filing and actual financial figures from the filing, you can verify with ease.

Worldscope Fundamentals

Get a competitive edge when it comes to global insights and analysis. To address the complexity and inconsistencies of financial accounting practices and presentations, Worldscope Fundamentals uses uniform definitions and standardized statement organization.

We provide Standardized and As Reported financial statement data, calculated financial ratios, company profile information, security data, Officers and Directors, and market content for over 85,000 issuers.

Our market-leading global coverage encompasses companies trading in over 125 markets representing more than 96% of the world’s market cap.

Features & benefits

What you get with Reuters and Worldscope Fundamentals

Broad Reuters company coverage

Global coverage of 90,000+ companies traded in 169+ exchanges, representing more than 99% of the world’s market cap.

Worldscope global coverage

Global coverage encompasses companies trading in 125+ markets, representing over 96% of the world’s market cap.

Deep history

Enrich your research on company performance over business cycles, with data going back to the early 1980s.

Standardized and As-Reported

Company-specific data, with links to the source document for deep analysis. Links to standardized data, providing audit trail.

Differentiate models

Measure performance with confidence using a more focused benchmark based on industry-specific metrics covering 15 industries.

Flexible delivery options

Reuters and Worldscope Fundamentals offer a broad range of delivery options, including desktop, web-based, and data feed.

How it works

How Reuters and Worldscope Fundamentals work

Reuters Fundamentals

Reuters Fundamentals offers comprehensive, accurate, and timely fundamentals data: accurate reflection of any year-end changes; financial statement items, including standardized annual and interim statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow) and supplementary items from footnotes; over 150 footnotes data collected to ensure consistent calculation of standardized content; per-share, trailing 12 months, and stock performance; four industry templates: industrial, bank, insurance, and utility; industry classification; and segment level data.

Worldscope Fundamentals

Our coverage includes: financial statement items, analytics ratios, acclaimed standardization methodology, per-share, trailing 12 months, segment level data, operating metrics.

Better insights with point-in-time

With point-in-time, you can look back and see original, unadjusted data before it was amended to fully understand what was available at a given point-in-time. This helps avoid lag assumptions and back test without bias.

Eikon company financials fundamentals cash flow screenshot

Explore company cash flow data