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Ownership and profiles company analysis

Ownership and Profiles data

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Comprehensive collection of global institutional holdings data is essential for validating investment models

Perform detailed ownership analysis for public equities with the most comprehensive global shareholding and profiles data in the industry.

Our Ownership and Profiles data

We offer detailed holdings information for listed equities plus intelligence on investment managers, securities firms, and their key decision makers with a range of delivery options, from desktop solutions to data feeds.

With over 30 years of collection experience, we ensure the highest quality standards and are committed to extending coverage and driving innovation.

Our data is your advantage and can help you understand the ownership structure of companies and investment flows across sectors, or assist in identifying key players and target investors.

Features & benefits

What you get with Ownership and Profiles

Global coverage

Analyze data on more than 70,000 securities in over 70 markets, representing holdings worth approximately $61 trillion.

Deep history

We offer data stretching back many years, including 30+ years of US 13F data and 15+ years of global shareholding content.

Data you can trust

Act on timely and accurate data sourced from investment firms, registrars, local stock exchanges, and regulatory authorities.

Detailed local content

Gain specialist local insight including UK Share Register content and Japanese Detailed Shareholdings for deeper analysis.

Comprehensive profiles and contacts

Access information on 200,000 buy-side and sell-side professionals from 28,000+ investment firms around the world.


Quickly identify the source of data with direct links to original documents, such as SEC filings.