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Capital Raising and New Issuance

Refinitiv provides industry leading Equity & Debt transaction information comprising nearly 1.2 million global New Issues transactions.


How our Capital Raising and New Issuance can benefit you

The Refinitiv New Issues database comprises our Debt Capital Markets and Equity Capital Markets offerings. The database includes all underwritten new debt issues as well as all issues of equity and equity-related transactions.

Investment banks, law firms, hedge funds, educational institutions, trustees, and business consultants use Deals data to monitor and report on debt and equity activity, perform market share analysis, identify new business opportunities, conduct lost business analysis, produce pitch books and marketing collateral, and research comparable debt deals.

A robust series of quality assurance checks are processed daily to ensure the highest quality content is available to clients. Debt and Equity Capital Markets content is updated hourly on Refinitiv products.

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