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Financial benchmarking

Financial benchmarks

The administrator, calculator, and publisher of more than 290 OTC benchmarks across all major asset classes.

The benchmark provider of choice

The breadth and depth of our benchmark portfolio is unmatched, spanning all major asset classes and regions worldwide.

For more than a quarter of a century, we have been designing, calculating, governing, and publishing the financial benchmarks that lie at the heart of the global financial system. 

Central Banks and local authorities around the world look to us as the pre-eminent provider of financial benchmark services, whether it is by calculating a benchmark for an administrator, or assuming the responsibility for the benchmark as Administrator ourselves.

We are the administrator of more than 30 key rates and calculation agent for over 40 critical national and regional interest rates and FX benchmarks in 12 different countries, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia.

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Refinitiv Limited (‘RL’) is the administrator of numerous indices and benchmarks.

RL assigned Refinitiv Benchmark Services (UK) Limited (‘RBSL’) to be the regulated administrator of certain benchmarks, such as those used within the EU and thus caught by the EU Benchmark Regulation (EU BMR). RBSL is authorized by the FCA, as listed on the ESMA Register, to administer benchmarks under the EU BMR.

As a next step, the following benchmarks will move to be administered by RBSL by the end of December 2019:

  • WM/Reuters Spot, Forward and NDF benchmark rates
  • Thomson Reuters/CoreCommodity CRB® Index
  • Thomson Reuters Convertible Indices

Note: For those benchmarks administered by a non-EU entity within the global Refinitiv Group (i.e. a third country administrator), RL has until the end of the BMR Extension Transition period (Dec 2021) to migrate those benchmarks into an authorized benchmark administrator (i.e. RBSL).

Those RL benchmarks that fall under the BMR Extension Transition period and are under consideration for migration before the end of 2021 are:

  • Thomson Reuters Local Currency Indices
  • Thomson Reuters IX Global ESG Equal Weighted Index
  • Thomson Reuters IX Global ESG High Dividend Low Volatility Equal Weighted Index
  • Thomson Reuters IX Western Europe Small & Mid Cap Index
  • Thomson Reuters GL Large/Mid D&I Ex Controversial Weapons Equal Weight Index
  • Thomson Reuters Global Equal Opportunities Select Index
  • Thomson Reuters Global Resource Protection Select Index
  • Thomson Reuters Europe Equal Opportunities Select Index
  • Thomson Reuters Country, Regional and Sector Indices
  • Thomson Reuters Diversity & Inclusion Index