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Shariah-compliant Islamic indices

Islamic Indices

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Our Islamic Indices cover Islamic investment destinations including BRIC, MENA, Malaysia, UAE, and Global Healthcare

Shariah-compliant indices for countries, regions, and sectors key to Islamic finance.

About Islamic Indices

We work with our partners, IdealRatings and Bond Pricing Agency (BPA) Malaysia, to create our Islamic Indices.

Thomson Reuters/IdealRatings indices cover the most popular Islamic investment destinations, such as BRIC, MENA, Malaysia, UAE, and Global Healthcare.

We have a range of Shariah-compliant benchmark indices. These combine our unparalleled coverage of global equity markets and consistent, rules based methodology, with IdealRatings’ expertise and research-based approach to Shariah-compliant screening.

We provide a comprehensive suite of Malaysian bond indices, using the extensive experience of Bond Pricing Agency Malaysia. Thomson Reuters BPA Malaysia Bond and Sukuk Indices cover the entire local bond universe and serve as the most representative benchmarks for Malaysian fixed income.

Features & benefits

Why choose Islamic Indices? 

Comprehensive coverage

The suite of indices provide comprehensive coverage of the most popular Islamic investment destinations.

Index experts

The indices are built to include our unparalleled coverage and consistent rules based methodology.


All of our Islamic indices adhere to Shariah law.

How it works

How Islamic Indices work 

Thomson Reuters/IdealRatings Indices

Covering the most popular Islamic investment destinations, such as BRIC, MENA, Malaysia, UAE, and Global Healthcare, Thomson Reuters / IdealRatings indices are accepted under all interpretations of Islam. They combine our unparalleled coverage and consistent, rules-based methodology with IdealRatings' expertise and research-based approach to Shariah-compliant screening.

Thomson Reuters global Sukuk Indices

Developed with Bond Pricing Agency Malaysia, which has extensive experience of independently valuing bonds and sukuk. Sukuk Indices are available for both Malaysian and global markets, covering a wide range of bond classes and maturities.

Thomson Reuters Asia Pacific Agribusiness Index

Designed as a performance benchmark of Shariah-compliant stocks that are primarily engaged in upstream agricultural production activities within the Asia Pacific Region.