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Qualified Global Convertible Index

Refinitiv Qualified Global Convertible Index

Designed to provide a broad measure of the performance of the investable, global convertible bond market.

About the Qualified Global Convertible Index

Qualifying fixed income securities may be rated investment grade or non-investment grade by a recognized rating agency or unrated, may be issued with fixed or floating rates and must meet minimum size requirements in their local currency.

Individual issuers are capped at 4% of the Index at the start of each month. The index is rebalanced monthly to ensure the constituents’ continued compliance with the index rules though bonds may be removed from the index during the month, as a result of corporate actions.

Mandatory convertible bonds (i.e. convertible bonds which must be converted into equities at a given date), perpetual convertible bonds (i.e. convertible bonds which do not have a maturity date), and bonds issued under Rule 144a are excluded.

How it works

Accessing the dataset

This dataset can be used by the following products. Talk to us to learn more about different packages and offerings.

Refinitiv Data Platform

The Refinitiv Data Platform delivers a single, consistent data experience to access, distribute and build with Refinitiv and third party data. With cloud-enabled platform capabilities and flexible distribution options, the Refinitiv Data Platform enables faster deployment of applications, greater scale with workflow-critical analytics and a reimagined approach to technology innovation, data distribution and management.

Data Formats: Java Script Object Notation (JSON)
Delivery Mechanisms: API
Publishing Frequencies: Daily ・ Real-Time


Refinitiv Eikon delivers a powerful combination of information, analytics and exclusive news on financial markets – delivered in an elegant and intuitive desktop and mobile interface.

Data Formats: HTML
Delivery Mechanisms: API ・ Desktop ・ Excel
Publishing Frequencies: Daily ・ End of Day

Refinitiv Datastream

Welcome to Datastream, our historical financial database with over 35 million individual instruments or indicators across all major asset classes, including 14 million economic indicators. It features 100+ years of data, across 175 countries – the information and tools you need to interpret market trends, economic cycles, and the impact of world events. Datastream is available via Datastream Advance (EOL Sept 2021) or via Eikon DFO, Eikon R&A, Refinitiv Workspace for Students, Refinitiv Workspace for Academics, Refinitiv Workspace for Wealth. It is expected to be included in many more variants of Refinitiv Workspace during 2021. Datafeed access is via Datastream Data Loader & Datastream Web Service (which includes Matlab, EViews, Python, R & codebook integration) Client desktop tools include DFO (Datastream for Office) Datastream Charting, including Chartbook Navigator - Search & Navigation tool.

Data Formats: HTML
Delivery Mechanisms: API ・ Desktop ・ Excel
Publishing Frequencies: End of Day ・ Monthly

Knowledge Direct

Knowledge Direct API uses industry standard protocols (SOAP and XML) to deliver Refinitiv content for inclusion within internal or external client applications. Using XML request/response, clients can access a comprehensive offering of company and economic Data (fundamentals, estimates, significant developments, etc.), market data, news and quotes and the associated capabilities, including charts, search and timeseries.

Data Formats: XML
Delivery Mechanisms: API ・ FTP
Publishing Frequencies: Daily