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Comprehensive corporate actions data

Corporate actions

Manage operational risk with the most comprehensive market and reference data for the global financial and investment management community.

Equity corporate actions

Our DSS Equity Corporate Actions services allow easy access to timely, complete, accurate and well-structured notifications in both ISO 15022 MT 564/568 and proprietary formats (user-defined XML/delimited - such as CSV - layouts).

Ongoing extractions may be customized and automated.

Millions of historical records, reaching back over 5 decades, are also maintained for a vast collection of publicly traded assets.

The underlying data are quality assured and published intraday on a continuous 15-minute cycle.

Features & benefits

What you get with our corporate actions service

Wide catchment

We track all stocks which are primarily listed (or quoted) on 200+ key venues situated within 100 nations - Argentina to Zimbabwe. That amounts to 143k+ public companies (~88k live and ~55k defunct) and ~213k securities (~96k and ~117k), across 156 countries of incorporation. This fully covers the FTSE Russell Global Equity Markets Index Series constituent lists: (GEIS) Developed (25), Emerging (24) and Frontier (30).

50+ event types are considered, spanning: Capital Changes, Dividends, Nominal Values, Public Equity Offerings, Shares and Voting Rights.

Deep history

Our proprietary archive depth is generally 25+ years for Developed Markets. The G7 average is ~38 years; 5-10+ Emerging or Frontier. For Capital Changes, our earliest notification is dated in 1974 - 300k+ records all-in.

For Dividends, it’s 1976, with 2.3m+ records.

Regulatory compliance

We are a leading supplier of Holdings Disclosure information, offering a specialized data package of ~160 Shares, Voting Rights and Reference facts.