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Economic data monitor with global coverage

Economic data

Deep and consistent global economic data coverage powered by Datastream

Unrivaled, deep, and consistent global economic data coverage, delivered with critical efficiency to power your decision-making.

Why choose our economic data?

From macro data to micro detail, we give you access to a collection of global economic content with a definitive focus on factors that affect global financial markets.  This is supplemented by consumer confidence data; business, political, and financial outlook indicators; and statistics, forecasts, and events from all major central banks. All of these enable you to uncover insights and opportunities faster.

Stay informed of real-time developments and trends through:

  • Coverage of over 1,800 real-time commodity, central bank and economic indicators via the Economic Monitor app in Eikon
  • Access to over 800 commodity, central bank and economic indicator polls as published by Reuters Polls, the market leading brand in financial forecasting

Further supplement Polls data with our StarMine SmartEconomics predictive analytics. 

  • 8.5m
    economic indicators
  • 162
    countries covered
  • 35m
    individual instruments

Features & benefits

Our economic data sets

Macro data

Includes aggregated data from sector, government, financial and non-financial accounts, GDP and debt markets.

Micro detail

Includes indicators across housing, energy, automotive, aviation, construction, commodities, labor plus key indicators for sub-national areas.

Sourced from the world’s leading content sets

The names you know and trust, such as Datastream, IBES Estimates, StarMine Analytics, and Reuters news.

Product in action

The benefits of our economic data

National source content and headliners

Access market-moving, leading economic indicators directly from primary in-country sources, to obtain the most current and accurate data across 162 country profiles.

Tap into real time data, from major markets of the G20 to emerging markets of Latin America and Africa. Data comes from over 1,000 national sources including central banks, central statistical agencies, ministries of finance, trade, and labor, trade associations and research institutes.

G7 Industrial Production screenshot

Identify in a single view the G7 countries industrial production output

C02 Emissions per capita screenshot

Find those countries with growing energy consumption

International historical sources

Access a complete collection of international economic development and macroeconomic indicators from respected international sources, providing historical data across countries, regions, and industries. Timely, regularly updated data comes directly from official international agencies, and you can compare multiple indicators across countries via similarly defined and measured data.

Forward-looking economic indicators

Power your analysis and uncover unique insights with an extensive range of confidence indicators and global economic forecasts. Our forward-looking economic indicators give you unprecedented access to consensus opinions from business economists, strategists, planners, buy and sell side analysts, and academia. Our analytical solutions should give the confidence needed to be more prepared for surprise turns in the market, ensuring you stay ahead with your strategy and the competition.

Germany population forecast and effects of migrants screenshot

Forecast country population effects from migration