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Real-time data feeds

Elektron Real Time

Gain access to high-quality information whenever and wherever you need it. Elektron Real Time is a consolidated low latency real-time data feed that delivers the greatest volume, depth, and breadth of full tick data in the market.

Why choose Elektron Real Time?

The better-quality your information, the smarter your decisions. With full tick, depth-of-market data, Elektron Real Time gives traders and heads of market data global coverage, including over 70m instruments spanning more than 500 exchanges and 1,000s of OTC markets. Your organization will also have access to exclusive content that’s essential for trading in markets such as FX, credit, rates, and warrants.

In addition, the standardized format means it integrates real-time, reference, or tick history content easily across the front, middle, and back office systems.

To help minimize costs, Elektron Real Time comes with a full range of delivery and last-mile connectivity options.

Features & benefits

What you get with Elektron Real Time

Deeper, broader market data

Make better trading and investment decisions with full depth-of-market coverage and access to new exclusive venues.

Fast and efficient delivery

Streamline your workflows with efficient, low-latency optimization and cloud delivery options.

Lower TCO

Minimize costs with consolidated data services, connectivity and service delivery options.

Discoverable data

Quickly find the content your users need, when they need it, with our standardized data and symbology normalization.

Easy integration

Integrate content with users’ workflow applications with consistent field identifiers. Full backwards compatibility with legacy models.

MiFID II compliance

Meet MiFID II high-frequency, trading-specific transaction reporting requirements with our tools and industry-leading reference data.

How it works

Find out how Elektron Real Time works

Multiple delivery options

Elektron Real Time integrates easily with your existing workflow applications, and you choose how the content is delivered. You can also choose our managed connection to the datacenter or supply your own.