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Global shareholding disclosure data

Shareholding disclosure

Different data points on a black and blue screen displaying shareholding disclosure data

Monitor share amounts and voting rights accurately so you can report with confidence. Our data helps you find accurate data to comply with the intricacies of the rules that differ for each regulatory authority around the world.

Why choose our data for shareholding disclosure?

Our data for shareholding disclosure is a primary source used by many of the world's largest asset managers to fuel their disclosures processes. With data including 15 different types of total shares and total voting rights, you will be able to monitor your positions against an accurate denominator. In addition, you are provided with a comprehensive set of reference data integral to the numerator calculation process.

We help you meet the challenges presented by globally diverse regulations relating to major, short, takeover, and industry-specific disclosure rules and thresholds.

Features and benefits

How our shareholding disclosure data help you answer the reporting challenge and meet requirements

Comprehensive coverage

Shares and voting rights from 150+ reliable and timely sources, plus regular filings from 70,000+ listed companies, providing coverage for 100 nations.

Sharp accuracy

Total shares, voting rights, and voting shares data at instrument and issuer level for all classes of shares deriving an accurate denominator (including unlisted share classes).

Wide-range coverage

Covers and derives all share types (issues, listed, outstanding, treasury) at both instrument level and issuer level.

Advanced data and analytics

Accesses reference data and analytics required to support disclosures (e.g. industry classifications and market segment identifiers.

Easy alignment

Aligns sources to where regulators enforce a specific source stipulation (e.g. in the Netherlands).

Total voting rights

Permits total voting rights to nations that allow variable voting rights per share dependent on holder circumstances (e.g. in France).

Product focus

How our standalone takeover panel disclosure offer can help you?

Some jurisdictions have rules for enhanced shareholding disclosures referencing issuers under a takeover situation. During an offer period, any party who may exercise material influence over the outcome of an offer must report their positions and dealings in relevant securities (target and acquirer companies).

What is Refinitiv's solution?

Positions and dealings in relevant securities must be disclosed for shareholder and investor protection, as well as determining the merits of a takeover.

Our takeover panel offering comprises details of target companies and acquirers currently in an offer period. A daily update of issuers involved in a takeover situation in the following countries is offered: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.