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Refinitiv is a market leader in providing equity market data. Our coverage provides access to markets all over the world.


How our Equities can benefit you  

Extensive real-time market coverage: Our equity data coverage is comprehensive and truly global, with a technological footprint and reach that enables us to connect to and collect data from markets all over the world.

Trading data: We provide trading data across the markets with pre-trade, full Orderbook content offering deep transparency for price discovery. We also provide a complete level of quality of service from real-time post-trade data; free-of-charge, 15 minute-delayed data; and low latency content. All of these are delivered with tailored, structured, and consistent data models for each asset and sub-asset class.

"Value-add" analytics: Refintiv provides a suite of equity analytics to drive real valuable and decision-making tools. This can be configured to ensure these are flexible to cater for all different requirements and use cases.

Reference data: Whether it's instrument identifiers, such as ISINs or SEDOLs or company fundamentals, we carry vast amounts of reference data points and make these easily available via our products.

Historical coverage: There is an unrivalled amount of historical data available across all our equity coverage which enables vast amounts of data points to drive real historical analytics value and limitless future event modelling possibilities.

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