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Risk Intelligence

Financial Instrument Risk Intelligence (FIRI)

An overview of Financial Instrument Risk Intelligence (FIRI) 

Address the complex data needs associated with sanctioned financial instruments compliance. Financial Instrument Risk Intelligence (FIRI) delivers accurate, comprehensive sanctions content for both sanctioned entities (including explicit and implicit/narrative sanctions) and instruments.

Extensive coverage of national, international and sectorial sanctions lists and watchlists including full coverage of explicit and Implicit sanctions regimes. It includes but is not limited to: European Union (EU), Hong Kong (HKMA), U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), and United Nations (UN).

The types of financial instruments covered include debt, equities, derivatives, ETFs, indices, funds and warrants.

Key Facts 

  • Geographical coverage
  • History
    From 2021
  • Data format
  • Delivery mechanism
  • Data frequency

Features & Benefits

What you get with Financial Instrument Risk Intelligence (FIRI) 

  • Global sanction coverage: Extensive coverage of national, international and sectoral sanctions lists and watch lists including full coverage of explicit and implicit sanctions regimes. Our analysts are situated across time zones offering 24-hour coverage.
  • Accurate and up to date: Our sanctioned financial instruments data is updated daily and is powered by World-Check and LSEG's financial market data. The World-Check Sanctions teams not only uncover explicit sanctions but also conduct extensive qualitative research to unearth implicit sanctions risk on complex structured entities and therefore their associated financial instruments.
  • Holistic approach: To satisfy the pre-trade compliance requirement for sanctioned securities, we combine our instrument to issuer relationships, legal entity sanction data and relevant financial instruments reference data to derive a comprehensive list of sanctioned instruments.
  • Accessibility: The FIRI data set is offered in the Refinitiv World-Check data file Advanced file structure as a separate file download (in CSV, XML – both zipped and unzipped) via secure FTP. This file can be plugged into your existing screening systems or Order Management Systems to screen the financial instruments against sanctions worldwide.
  • Easy integration: With the FIRI data content set presented in a highly structured format, it is simple to absorb into your existing screening processes and benefit from this adjacent content.
  • Boost efficiencies: We provide a full list of sanctions-affected financial instruments with keywords and comprehensive information to better help you with your sanctions compliance processes and to assist in decision-making.
  • Assurance: Our sanctions processes and content have ISAE 3000 certification and are audited on an annual basis by an independent third party.
  • Trusted provider: For over two decades, we have been delivering accurate and reliable information to help financial institutions, regulated businesses and corporates comply with their mandatory sanction screening obligations.
  • Standalone dataset: FIRI File delivered in a World-Check Datafile format.
  • Covers all Global Securities identifiers: ISIN, CUSIP, SEDOL, RIC.
  • Financial Instruments data points: Exchange Code and Name, Asset Class, Approximate Keyword Effective Date, Currency, Term, Issue and Maturity date, Underlying Identifier and its type, Applicable Sanctions Regimes.
  • Issuer data points: Refinitiv/World-Check UID, Country.

How it works

 Accessing the dataset

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