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How fast-moving trends are reshaping the financial markets

Staying up to speed with the latest views and insights will help you create opportunities out of complexity, if you’re ready to act.

Significant events and shifts in geopolitics, global health, political elections and climate change are transforming behaviors in the financial markets at an unprecedented pace.

Investor confidence is challenged every day. Technological advances accelerate and governments continue to adapt their approaches to regulation.

Our Financial Impact Hub helps you make sense of changing times with our industry-leading insights, solutions and data offerings.

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2021 Predictions

Reuters Breakingviews 2021 Predictions

Proudly sponsored by Refinitiv, Reuters Breakingviews are hosting a series of exclusive virtual discussions with leading corporate executives, policymakers and investors following the release of the 2021 Predictions and Prescriptions for 2021. This year’s edition, “The World Emerges,” focuses on how companies, governments and markets are pivoting to a new normalcy after the Covid-19 pandemic provoked historic and unprecedented shutdowns of global economies. The new year brings new challenges, not least the need to vaccinate vast swathes of the world’s population, but also promises an economic rebound potentially akin to the Roaring Twenties of a century ago.

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Financial impact after Brexit

After Brexit: How will the new European Union and UK relationship impact markets?

A deal has finally been agreed between European Union and UK, ending over four years of negotiation and safeguarding nearly a $1 trillion of annual trade - providing clarity and relief to Brexit-weary investors. We go beyond the headlines to understand how the UK will trade with the EU in 2021.

LiveChats on the Global Markets Forum

As to attracting foreign investment - we very much need to do that - and that’s why we need to be seen as more attractive to invest here than in the EU. That means looking at our regulations, our taxes and infrastructure, so foreign investors continue to see the UK as a great place to do business.
george bridges headshot on a white background
George Bridges
Former Brexit Minister
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Financial impact of U.S. Presidency

Biden Presidency: How will markets react to new U.S. policy?

It has been a U.S. Presidential race like nothing we’ve ever seen before. As the transition period begins, we will keep you updated with 24-hour access to leading data and analysis. We will investigate how and why U.S. presidential election results affect financial markets, and you will discover how the markets will likely respond to the proposed economic policies of president-elect Joe Biden.

The [stimulus] program was intended to fuel economic activity by consumers. However, a large proportion of Americans are telling us that they will be saving their stimulus checks instead, followed by paying off debt. Therefore, they are not directly putting the money back into the economy.
Jharonne Marti in black suit smiling infront of office building
Jharonne Martis
Director of Consumer Research
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Impact of Covid-19 on Financial Markets

COVID-19: Essential market insight and resources

The world continues to feel the painful effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) with rising infection rates and death tolls denting consumer confidence and severely impacting developed and emerging economies. We explore in detail how financial services businesses are having to change how they operate – and cope with remote working, business continuity and regulation challenges.

As many advanced economies start their programmes of vaccinations against COVID-19, Israel stands out as an example of effective and rapid distribution of doses among its population.
Fathom Consulting
A Refinitiv partner
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Financial impact of climate change

Tackling climate change: Is the financial services sector facing up to the challenge?

How governments and businesses respond to the world’s changing climate will affect our planet for centuries. At the heart of an ecosystem of change-makers, we are empowering investors to make sustainable investment decisions with our data and insights, helping to build sustainability into your investment and operational strategies. And our sustainability-related datasets let you can see company data on a standardized ESG points approach.

Companies can no longer afford to ignore ESG issues. The cost of inaction is rising as more corporate value is being crushed due to ESG-related scandals.
Portrait photo of Elena Philipova, head of ESG proposition at Refinitiv
Elena Philipova
Head of ESG Proposition at Refinitiv
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