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How fast-moving trends are reshaping the financial markets

Staying up to speed with the latest views and insights will help you create opportunities out of complexity, if you’re ready to act.

Significant events and shifts in geopolitics, global health, political elections and climate change are transforming behaviors in the financial markets at an unprecedented pace. Investor confidence is challenged every day.

Technological advances accelerate and governments continue to adapt their approaches to regulation. Our Financial Impact Hub helps you make sense of changing times with our industry-leading insights, solutions and data offerings.

Market commentary

The impact of Archegos

We have now seen one of the biggest unwinds of leverage from a single firm, the family office Archegos, since the blowup of Long Term Capital Management back in 1998, which along with the Russia crisis, helped erase 20% off the S&P 500. The macro implications today appear far more muted than events back then, which required a coordinated bailout by the Fed and a consortium of banks.

It might, however, have an impact on the availability of future leverage and the cost of capital within the shadow banking system, which has been providing liquidity in lieu of the major investment banks whose activities were curtailed by regulation after the Great Financial Crash.

It's a reminder that apparently unconnected events are nearly always interlinked in today's financial system. The main repercussions are probably still ahead of us.


Financial impact after Brexit

After Brexit: How will the new European Union and UK relationship impact markets?

A deal has finally been agreed between European Union and UK, ending over four years of negotiation and safeguarding nearly a $1 trillion of annual trade - providing some clarity and relief to Brexit-weary investors. However, there is still no final deal on the rules around the financial industry. We go beyond the headlines to understand how the UK will trade with the EU in 2021.


Impact of Covid-19 on Financial Markets

COVID-19: Essential market insight and resources

Even though vaccination rates remain low in many countries, some investors fear the prospect of a stock market ‘bubble’ due to the monitory and fiscal stimulants provided by governments due to COVID-19. We explore in detail how financial services businesses are having to change how they operate – and cope with remote working, business continuity and regulation challenges.


Financial impact of climate change

Energy transition: The move from fossil fuels to renewables accelerates

Demand for renewable energy has risen exponentially in the last year. Factors such as a Biden presidency and increased momentum and support from businesses has helped continue this growth. Convincing China and other fast-growing and coal-reliant emerging markets to do the same is a challenge many businesses and governments face.


Financial impact of emerging markets

Emerging economies: What will happen as China advances through COVID tailwinds

China’s economic and international expansion is gathering pace post-COVID, and has recently secured The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade deal - covering nearly one third of the global population and approximately 30% of its global gross domestic product.  How will the growing influence and success of world's second largest economy impact the markets?


Financial impact of sustainability trends

Sustainable finance: Is the financial services sector facing up to the challenge?

The sustainable finance market has seen a rapid coming-of-age in 2020, partly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as ongoing sustainability concerns. We are empowering investors to make sustainable investment decisions with our data and insights, helping to build sustainability into your investment and operational strategies. And our sustainability-related datasets let you can see company data on a standardized ESG points approach.


Financial impact of U.S. Presidency

US Policy: How will markets react to Biden's presidency?

It was a U.S. Presidential race like nothing we’ve ever seen before. As the Biden's presidency begins, we will keep you updated with 24-hour access to leading data and analysis. We will investigate how and why U.S. policy affects financial markets, and you will discover how the markets will likely respond to the proposed economic policies of President Biden.

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