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Financial Impact hub

How fast-moving trends are reshaping the financial markets

Staying up to speed with the latest views and insights will help you create opportunities out of complexity, if you’re ready to act.

Significant events and shifts in geopolitics, global health, political elections and climate change are transforming behaviors in the financial markets at an unprecedented pace.

Investor confidence is challenged every day. Technological advances accelerate and governments continue to adapt their approaches to regulation.

Our Financial Impact Hub helps you make sense of changing times with our industry-leading insights, solutions and data offerings.

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Financial impact of U.S. elections

Trump vs Biden 2020: The economic impact of the 2020 U.S. Elections

It’s going to be a U.S. Presidential race like nothing we’ve ever seen before. As the campaigning season ramps up, we will keep you updated with 24-hour access to leading data and analysis. We will investigate how and why presidential elections affect financial markets. And you will discover how the markets will respond to the proposed economic policies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Internal Refinitiv data showing what news Eikon and Workspace users are retrieving show a sharp jump in demand for election-related stories in the week beginning Sept. 21.
David Craig Avatar
David Craig
CEO, Refinitiv
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Impact of Covid-19 on Financial Markets

COVID-19: Essential market insight and resources

The world continues to feel the painful effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) with rising infection rates and death tolls denting consumer confidence and severely impacting developed and emerging economies. We explore in detail how financial services businesses are having to change how they operate – and cope with remote working, business continuity and regulation challenges.

From here on, the job for financial markets is to balance information around the global spread and speed of coronavirus, with data from a number of lead economic indicators.
David Craig
David Craig
CEO at Refinitiv
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Financial impact of climate change

Is the financial services sector facing up to tackling climate change?

How governments and businesses respond to the world’s changing climate will affect our planet for centuries. At the heart of an ecosystem of change-makers, we are empowering investors to make sustainable investment decisions with our data and insights, helping to build sustainability into your investment and operational strategies. And our sustainability-related datasets let you can see company data on a standardized ESG points approach.

Companies can no longer afford to ignore ESG issues. The cost of inaction is rising as more corporate value is being crushed due to ESG-related scandals.
Portrait photo of Elena Philipova, head of ESG proposition at Refinitiv
Elena Philipova
Head of ESG Proposition at Refinitiv
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