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The world has started to feel the economic shockwaves from Russia’s war on Ukraine in profound ways. The increased friction in global markets - already fractured by the pandemic - could further undermine economic recovery, and add to inflationary pressures.

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Is inflation spreading?

Roger Hirst looks at the recent break out in crude oil prices and the ongoing squeeze in agricultural products. US inflation may have peaked in H1, but that doesn’t mean it will quickly drop back to ‘normal’ levels. Furthermore, if it continues to spread from durable goods to essentials such as food and energy, then the Fed may have an even harder job on its hands.


In addition to crude oil and natural gas, agriculture – wheat in particular - supply chains have been heavily impacted. Access exclusive market-moving news from Reuters, as well as in-depth analysis and reports written by our in-house analyst teams.

Global sanctions

Sanctions continue to dominate the geo-political landscape in the wake of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict as the war on Ukraine continues. This rapidly shifting sanctions landscape remains a high-pressure area, where changes can be swift and complex, and fines for non-compliance are significant. Sanctions compliance – although it may appear straightforward at first glance – is not always easy to achieve.

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Sustainable finance

Amid the gloom of the continuing public health crisis, last year proved a watershed for sustainable finance. As the industry looks back on a year of solid growth, the focus now turns to addressing the barriers that stand in the way of greater success.

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