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Biden wins U.S. Presidency - Keep up to speed with the markets

President-elect Joe Biden’s policy plans will need to appeal to both Democrats and Republicans as he will lead without a Senate majority. He will focus on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and will likely bring stability to markets and trade. He will also seek to re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement and reverse the process of leaving the World Health Organization.

We are continuing to curate the best-in-class data and provide access to exclusive Reuters news to keep you up to speed as the markets continue to react to the election result.

Here you can find deep insights and analysis through our bespoke productions such as The Big Conversation, discover the latest financial charts, and join webinars with renown industry and political leaders. 

If you want to go further with your analysis and stay updated on the latest market developments - you can join the Global Markets Forum for free, or try our USPOL App in Eikon.

Featured analysis

S&P500 sees big gains

The S&P500’s spectacular gains yesterday mean that the ‘Biden Bounce’ is the steepest post-US election rally in at least 20 years. Refinitiv systems were running hot from Asia to the US close, with $500 billion worth of trades on US stock markets alone. Demand for our data was up by more than a third and our wealth manager tool, BETA, saw a 300% jump in trades processed (versus the average) to hit a new record. Such figures underline just what a historic day it was for global markets.
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Featured chart


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Polls and Graphics - Explore the latest polls from Ipsos and Reuters. See how the markets reacted, and continue to react to a Biden win.

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Get insight from experienced journalists who don’t just give you the top U.S. Politics stories, but also reactions as they develop, providing genuine insights and market moving news.

Fast, short form analysis provided by Reuters on what’s moving and why in the Forex and equity

Fast, short form analysis provided by Reuters on what’s moving and why in the Forex and equity markets – stay informed on all U.S. Politics developments.

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U.S. Election insight in the Global Markets Forum

We host top-tier market experts and commentators each week to discuss topics around the U.S. Election transition.  See what's planned in the Global Markets Forum and catch-up on interviews with industry veterans, senior decision makers and other market participants from all over the globe.

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LiveChats - join the Reuters editorial-hosted LiveChats with political and industry experts on Refinitiv Messenger.

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Experienced Reuters editors handpick the day’s key stories and deliver critical market developments to you – hot off the press.


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Thursday, December 3, 2020 | 1:00 PM EST

The Impact of the U.S. Election on World-Check Data & Screening for PEPs

World-Check Risk Intelligence data helps you fulfill your PEP monitoring requirements. Join us for this session to learn about World-Check data updates and our PEP research process through the lens of the U.S. Election.

  • World-Check update process 
  • World-Check PEP research process
  • PEP research process around elections, with specific examples from the current U.S. election

U.S. Election special

A historical look at financial markets reactions to U.S. elections:

Following the announcement of the U.S. Election 2020 winner Joe Biden, we dive into the data from the past four United States presidential elections to draw some trends about how markets typically react to the results, helping to contextualize what might happen in 2020.