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Biden sworn in as U.S. 46th President - Keep up to speed with the markets

We are continuing to curate the best-in-class data and provide access to exclusive Reuters news to keep you up to speed as the markets react to Biden's domestic and international policies.

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The impact of U.S. policy on financial markets

How could Biden's policy stance on key issues impact the markets in 2021?

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    Biden plans to invest $25 billion in vaccine manufacturing and distribution, while ramping up the supply and delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE) and advocating for risk-based, local social-distancing measures. Longer term, he wants to increase U.S. sourcing and manufacturing capabilities in order to reduce dependency on other nations. How can your business stay operationally resilient as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and what are the implications for supply chains?

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    Biden promised to reverse many of the tax cuts that President Donald Trump signed into law for corporations and wealthy individuals, including greater enforcement of existing tax policies. A key pillar in his plan to mitigate a coronavirus-induced recession is to limit government agencies to purchase U.S.-made goods and services to help boost domestic manufacturing. What could these changes mean for the U.S and global economic outlook in 2021?

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    Biden intends to invest $2 trillion to create green jobs and boost clean technology, introduce changes in the automotive industry and move the US back into the Paris Agreement. What changes do we expect to see globally and what that might mean for environmental, social and governance (ESG) investors?


    ESG & The U.S. Presidential Election: What's Next?


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