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U.S. Election data, insights and news coverage

Trump vs. Biden 2020 - Keeping you ahead of the markets

Keep up with the polling, policy differences, news and insight

Trump or Biden? The U.S. Presidential candidates are poles apart on economic policy, climate diplomacy and green investment, Big Tech, healthcare, foreign policy, racial justice, immigration, trade and China. Our curation of best-in-class data and exclusive access to Reuters news will keep you ahead of the game as markets react to the 2020 election.

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U.S. Election insight starts with the Global Markets Forum

Our panel of experts including market gurus, political pundits and betting experts share their insight and predictions of the U.S. Election in the Global Markets Forum (GMF).

LiveChats that make the news

We'll be hosting top-tier market experts and commentators throughout the week to discuss the U.S. Election topics.

Moderated by experienced Reuters journalists

Experienced Reuters editors will be handpicking the day’s key U.S. Election stories and deliver critical market developments.

Network and debate in real-time with experts

You'll be able to weigh in on expert opinions drawn from influential voices including: policy makers, industry thought leaders, corporate executives and more.

Transcripts in case you miss the action

We're giving you the chance to catch up on previous LiveChat interviews in the GMF so you don't miss a thing.

Go further with U.S. Election news, data and analysis via Eikon

Eikon users can access more exclusive U.S. Election coverage and top stories from Reuters as well as streaming video content available in our U.S. ELECTION App. Find out what is included:

A one-stop-shop for all news and insights surrounding the U.S. Election

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You can now get real-time access to exclusive Reuters financial news, opinion and commentary surrounding the U.S. Election - all in one view.

Get a direct feed of Reuters financial commentary

Screenshot of US elections app in Eikon displaying Reuters BreakingViews

Featuring Reuters Breakingviews - where writers don't just give you the top U.S. Election stories, but also react as they develop, providing genuine financial insight and provoking fresh ideas in near real-time –  faster than mainstream media.

Visualise key U.S. Election themes and stories

Screenshot of Reuters graphics comparing policy between Trump and Biden in 2020

Explore news events and issues in striking and informative infographics from Reuters Graphics, the data visualization team at Reuters News.


Secure your place at our webinars

Join us and Reuters as we host a number of webinars covering key election topics: Energy, Big-tech regulation, and Economic policy

30 September, 10:00 ET | 15:00 BST

U.S. energy policy and the impact on markets

Industrial pipes at an outdoor energy plant against a blue sky

Energy markets have much to analyse ahead of the polls. Biden supports environmental regulation and climate change diplomacy. Trump seeks to block those policies, supporting fossil fuels for economic growth and jobs. Refinitiv’s Richard Mably, former Global Financial Editor at Reuters, will lead a panel discussion with Energy Columnist John Kemp and U.S. Energy Policy Editor Rich Valdmanis and Global Commodities Editor Simon Webb of Reuters.

Three people stood at voting booths with american flag hanging on wall
Reuters Newsmakers

Reuters Newsmakers available through live-stream in Eikon, bring together top global experts, CEOs, politicians and thought leaders in front of a live and virtual audience.  Recent speakers include Al Gore, and US Rep Stacey Abrams.

Search 'VIDEO' to watch in Eikon.


Catch-up on key topics that will shape the 2020 election


Refinitiv’s Head of America’s Oil Analysts talks about the energy policies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden - the candidate's energy policies will likely be scrutinised, given the role that the energy sector has within the U.S. economy; especially after the recent shift to becoming a net exporter of oil.


Dollar doldrums before the surge: We discuss the outlook for the U.S. dollar and commodities, and what are investor expectations? Will asset prices to remain subdued for now, before exploding back into life after the U.S. Election?


The impact on governments: Watch our round-up of government and central bank responses, here we explore the impacts of actions taken (or not) so far.

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