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As the exclusive provider of Reuters news to the global financial community, with 10,500+ other sources, we deliver trusted, unbeatable news that's tailored to your needs.

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Why Refinitiv?

We are the world’s leading financial news provider

From the fastest breaking news and market-moving exclusives to analysis, investigative reports and insightful commentary, we deliver news from every corner of the world that’s designed for consumption by both humans and machines. We power the financial markets.

Our news and analysis covers the areas that financial professionals care about the most - economics and central banking, companies and industries, banking and finance, foreign exchange, fixed income and equities markets, politics and general issues.

Using the world’s most advanced classification structure combined with powerful tagging and search capabilities, the sheer breadth and depth of our news content is simple to navigate and discover, allowing you to know – and act – first.

News sources

Authoritative sources. Exclusive content.

We combine award-winning Reuters news with more than 10,500 other sources in multiple languages, including over 1,000 wires for unrivalled global coverage. Other top sources include: Refinitiv’s IFR; the Economist; the Associated Press; BBC; Dow Jones; CNBC; PR Newswire; Business Wire; Quick News in Japan; and Platts and Argus Media for commodities.

  • 170 years
    Legacy of trusted Reuters news
  • 6,000+
    Global press sources
  • 1,000+
    Real-time newswires
  • 3,600+
    Web news sources

Reuters News

Reuters is at the heart of our news service, and has been delivering news to financial institutions for 170 years.

We are the exclusive distributor of Reuters news to financial services clients.

Renowned for breaking market-moving scoops, Reuters is, crucially, the world’s most trusted news agency.

It is dedicated to upholding the Trust Principles, created during WWII, which oblige its journalists to commit to the highest standards of accuracy, integrity, independence and freedom from bias. 

Reuters news is designed for the requirements of financial professionals, keeping them informed with access to top decision-makers around the world - from central bankers and heads of state to CEOs and opinion leaders.

Specialist news and commentary

Reuters and other specialist editorial teams provide targeted news, commentary, and market information that delivers actionable insight.

In global capital markets, impeccable market intelligence lies at the heart of success. It informs and encourages excellent decision-making, which, in turn, breeds great performance. With a pedigree stretching back over four decades, IFR (International Financing Review) is the world's leading provider of global capital markets intelligence.

IFR is the leading source of fixed income, capital markets and investment banking news and commentary, now available in Eikon and Refinitiv workspace.

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Concise and sophisticated commentary on all major economic and business news, including monetary and fiscal policy, M&A, capital markets, commodities and energy.

Reuters Breakingviews is the world's leading source of agenda-setting financial insight. As the Reuters brand for financial commentary, Reuters Breakingviews dissect the big business and economic stories as they break around the world every day.

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Whether you execute trades on a daily basis or need to keep tabs on your foreign exchange risk a few times a month, FX Buzz provides actionable insight from concise commentary on news headlines and deal flow to deep-dive analysis of medium or long-term trends.

Reuters tight and authoritative coverage from around the FX and the Equities markets, with real-time content and intra-day service, provides forward-looking analysis and commentary. 

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Reuters Polls survey over 2,000 financial professionals to provide consensus forecasts on over 100,000 individual economic and market data points a month.

Reuters polls are used widely by investors, traders, governments, central banks and companies.

Reuters Polls news in Refinitiv Eikon

Stocks Buzz provides sophisticated analysis of equity markets and coverage of hot stocks and sectors. Insights and ideas, driven by analytics, help customers make trading and investment decisions.

Get unique real-time commentary on stock market trends with the Live Markets blog by Reuters equity market reporters.

Refinitiv Eikon's Stocks Buzz news screen

A searchable archive of significant company developments from news wires, journals and conference call scripts.

Filtered summaries and categorization save time while offering insight that allows you to keep abreast of critical news. Our market-leading metadata and tagging allows you to isolate different events and utilize for trend analysis and back-testing. Ability to track companies, industries, geographies and topics allows you to focus on key subjects of interest and efficiently monitor peer and competitor activity.

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News that keeps you ahead of the game

Our news helps financial professionals identify opportunities, spot risks, and take action before markets move. Designed for both humans and machines, we offer extensive classification, intelligent tagging and advanced search and analytics capabilities, helping you to know first, so you can act first. See how our real-time news coverage powers all sectors across the financial industry.

Stay on top of the latest news and what it means for your portfolio

Get news alerts for your portfolio holdings and stock coverage. Monitor breaking news to see how the markets are impacted and inform investment strategies.

Up-to-the-minute news across multiple markets with access to the real-time newswires, global press and web news sources that matter. Includes access to exclusive Reuters news and content.

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Leverage reliable news sources to inform financing and hedging decisions

Corporate Treasurers need to develop a point of view and a strategy around refinancing in the debt markets and currency exposures for the markets where they operate.

Refinitiv Eikon offers unparalleled and differentiated access to macroeconomic, credit and currency insights to make informed financing and hedging decisions. 

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News, analysis and in-depth intelligence for the deal making community.

Access deals and investment banking content across M&A, syndicated loans, equity and debt capital markets – and rely on commentary and insights from IFR and Reuters Breakingviews.

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Exclusive and breaking stories to optimize your trade execution

Tap into a wealth of equities journalism that specializes by sector and covers companies in depth. Access exclusive FX analyses and trade guidance to complete the Forex flow, and develop business with new and existing clients with expert guidance on trade timing and hedging. 

Stay informed of all major developments in fixed income markets to identify risks and opportunities.

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Stay current with market-moving news stories that impact your clients' portfolios

Get exclusive insight and analysis on the latest market, industry and geopolitical events. With our wealth management news offering you can overlay activities and social sentiment on a portfolio to spot risks; identify new opportunities with watchlist and news monitor linking and context-passing; and create client engagement opportunities digitally with curated newsletters. 

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Refinitiv Digest

Create your own personalised AI-curated briefing of news and information, delivered how you want it, when you want it. With Refinitiv, you’ll gain access to 10,500+ relevant news providers, including exclusive content from Reuters. Refinitiv Digest is included with Eikon.

Reuters Best

Power your decisions using the information you trust.

With breaking news, market-moving exclusives, commentary, and analysis, this award-winning, on-demand, live global service provides a depth of coverage on world and financial market news that goes beyond the headlines.