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Refinitiv Machine Readable News

Machine Readable News (MRN) is the industry's most advanced machine readable news solution, delivering deep historical news archives, ultra-low latency structured news, and leading edge news analytics directly to applications. Turn unstructured data into actionable insight with our advanced machine-ready news solution.

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Why choose Machine Readable News?

Because news and social media data can be both unstructured and vast in terms of quantity, it can be hard to determine whether it has positive or negative sentiment, if it's relevant, or even if it's new or recycled.

With MRN, we offer the ability to transform the full breadth and depth of the unstructured news content we deliver – such as text, analytics and economic indicators – into machine-readable feeds, thereby giving you a clearer view of insight for you to act upon.

Speed up research and back-testing

Historical textual news, analytics and tick history let you take an idea from inception to back-testing and analysis to production.

Take action before the market moves

With sub-millisecond delivery, the feeds enable you to take advantage of fleeting trading opportunities or temporarily slow down participation to avoid volatility.

Get an edge with earnings data direct from companies

Structured earnings data allow you to respond to an earnings surprise before the information has been priced, push full automation of data extraction and verify directly to your algorithm.

Act first with exclusives and beats from Reuters News

The news analytics engine provides 90 additional fields of metadata, including index data to inform your research and trading activities.

How it works

Our Machine Readable News in more detail

Powered by Reuters

Reuters has a history of breaking market-moving news and exclusive stories. Machine Readable News helps your team to take action before the market moves.

Transforming unstructured news

Our Machine Readable News service transforms unstructured, real-time news into a machine-readable feed. News Analytics applies advanced natural language processing within milliseconds to inform your firm’s research and trading activities.

Market sentiment indicators

Our MarketPsych analytics converts news and social media into manageable market sentiment data to help your analysts predict market moves.

Comprehensive coverage

We offer ultra-low latency structured economic indicators optimised for applications. Our global presence – with 1,700 economic indicators across over 75 countries – means we are on the ground wherever economic indicators are being released.

Real-time news across 46,000 global companies

With our news coverage and ability to analyse news across 46,000 companies in real time, you can research a universe of companies to take advantage of trading opportunities anywhere in the world.


Refinitiv Machine Readable News packages

Explore our news data and analytics for quants and data scientists.

Real-Time News is the only structured textual news service powered by Reuters News.

Both streaming feeds and deep historical archives can be delivered directly to applications, enabling algorithms to exploit the power of news by seizing opportunities, exploiting market inefficiencies and managing event risk.

Finger points at screen showing fluctuating line graph with error bars

News Analytics utilizes cutting edge natural language processing that produces outputs that measure sentiment, relevance and novelty of text, along with other valuable metadata that can enrich trade signal detection for quant investment strategies, aid human decision making and supplement market surveillance.

A graph showing the pricing of Beta Portfolios Jan 03 to May 19

MarketPsych Analytics covers news and social media in real-time to convert the volume and variety of professional news and the internet into manageable information flows that drive sharper decisions.

The analytics produce ESG buzz, emotional and topical scores that can be directly incorporated into investment and trading decision processes – quantitative or qualitative.

HIghest assets by Buzz in news media over the 7 days prior to 18th may 2021

MarketPsych ESG analytics analyze corporate sustainability-related news and social media in near real-time.

Powered by MarketPsych Data AI-based natural language processing engine, the analytics are derived from millions of daily articles in thousands of global news and social media outlets.

A chart showing the CSI 300 constituent stocks ranked by past month, Refinitiv MarketPsych ESG Workplace Development score

Our Economic Indicators feed is the industry’s leading source of structured economic indicators for application consumption.

A chart showing a steep fall in EXM Main Refinancing from 1/1/2018 to 1/1/2020
Our news data

Our news coverage is led by Reuters, exclusive to Refinitiv for the financial industry, and includes over 10,500 other news sources in multiple languages.

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