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Digital Asset Reference Data

FTSE DAR Pricing Data

Transparent, accurate digital asset data available on DataScope Select.

High quality, trusted digital asset data for your needs 

FTSE Russell is partnered with Digital Asset Research (DAR) to deliver both benchmark digital asset and non-benchmark digital asset reference pricing data. This FTSE DAR Digital Asset Reference Pricing Data is now available through Refinitiv DataScope Select.

FTSE Russell has put in place a methodology to ascertain accurate crypto and digital asset prices to ensure the data only contains real transactions between actual economic buyers and sellers. Also, FTSE DAR’s calculation methodology is transparent, and the Digital Asset Research Taxonomy and SEDOL codes are assigned to digital assets. This means that firms can deploy this data for pricing, analytics, trading and other use cases with confidence, via DataScope Select.

How we help

FTSE DAR Digital Asset Reference Pricing Data provides only real trade data  

Most crypto data providers are “crypto native” and do not have traditional market data backgrounds – and some are even seeking to avoid regulation. These – often free – sources of digital asset pricing data simply are not accurate enough for responsible institutional use.

Refinitiv has partnered with Digital Asset Research (DAR) – which provides comprehensive digital asset market data to institutional participants. Solutions now available on DataScope include:

  • The FTSE DAR Reference Price for Benchmark Assets – Provides market participants with prices for digital assets that qualify for use in benchmarks according to benchmark regulations. Digital include Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • The FTSE DAR Reference Price for Non-Benchmark Assets – Delivers prices for digital assets that do not qualify for use in benchmarks, which fall into two categories. Tier One Non-Benchmark assets that do not meet benchmark requirements but are priced only from vetted exchanges. Tier Two did not pass asset vetting and are priced from both vetted and watchlist exchanges.


What you get with FTSE DAR Digital Asset Reference Pricing Data

Benchmarking experience

As a Benchmark Administrator, it is FTSE Russell’s responsibility to provide clean data and strong governance, enhancing firms’ ability to generate alpha.

High quality data

Digital Asset Research vets exchanges and assets, and then aggregates verifiable volume and prices to create a derived consolidated price that is suitable for representing execution in the market.

Market infrastructure

The DAR Taxonomy and SEDOL codes are assigned to all digital assets in the eligible universe – enabling digital assets to be considered as components of a larger asset allocation strategy.

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DataScope Select

Get the non-real time pricing and reference data you need, with the flexibility to only pay for the content consumed.

In action

How firms use FTSE DAR Reference Pricing Data

  • Custodians – Accurately value client holdings and determine pricing for fee calculation
  • Fund Administrators – Deploy the digital asset data as a secondary pricing source and for NAV calculation
  • Asset Managers and Hedge Funds – Use for research, investment decision-making, and as a secondary pricing source
  • Traders & Market Makers – Make better trade execution decisions with accurate digital asset data
  • Consultants – Benchmark accurately and undertake allocation analysis