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Global infrastructure investing

As global infrastructure investing grows, access the trusted data, intelligence and content needed to bridge the investment gap.

Our global infrastructure solutions

Over the past two decades, institutional and private investment in public infrastructure has steadily increased. The long term and diversified nature of infrastructure projects, and the strong return profile, has seen the asset class gain interest from the fund management and pension fund industry.

Infrastructure is set to play a key part in the global economic recovery post COVID-19, with the UK announcing a £350m green recovery budget and President Biden committing to a Green New Deal. 

However, data transparency remains a key obstacle to growth in private sector funding. The world currently faces a $15 trillion infrastructure investment gap by 2040. To activate private investment the sector needs standardized, trusted and transparent data to assess performance, returns and risk.

Refinitiv has the most comprehensive set of news, data, insights and analytics available on global infrastructure developments from rumor to close, including deal structuring, financing, risk profiling, regulatory compliance and lender, investor and advisor profiles.

Why Refinitiv?

Bridging the gap: the Infrastructure 360 app

The world’s most comprehensive view of infrastructure and project-finance related insight.

With Infrastructure 360, you will be able to confidently: 

  • Analyze trends in infrastructure investment 
  • Manage risks associated with infrastructure 
  • Monitor progress across multiple projects 
  • Understand relationships between various stakeholders 
  • Build and deploy investable assets 
  • Leverage precedent and ongoing transactions for due diligence, structuring and valuation

Roger Hirst is joined by multiple guests to explain how infrastructure has changed in the modern world.




Cashing in on the sustainable infrastructure green rush

Read our latest report, exploring the trends, participants and data powering a sustainable infrastructure boom.



Gain expert insights based on our unmatched access to data via our Perspectives blogs, webinars and events, and discover bespoke solutions that answer your risk and compliance needs.

Sustainable finance

The OECD estimates that meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will require ~$6.3T in annual investment immediately, increasing to ~$6.9T to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

From Governments, state owned institutions, investors and capital facilitators (e.g. Sovereign Wealth Funds, pension funds, wealth managers etc.) and corporations; multiple entities are undertaking greater stakes in the ‘infrastructure as an asset class’ domain to sustain return on capital employed and to deliver growth.

Refinitiv offers a suite of sustainable finance products covering multiple parts of the business lifecycle, from investment portfolios through to due diligence and energy supply.