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Innovation labs for banking technology, financial data & services

Refinitiv Labs

Refinitiv™ Labs collaborate with customers around the world to solve big problems and rapidly prototype and validate solutions using data science and lean techniques.

Refinitiv is helping to shape the future of finance

We can help you identify and pursue new business opportunities through our quick, agile, and collaborative experimentation approach, in three major financial hubs: London, New York and Singapore.

We use small, cross-functional sprint teams who focus on proof of concepts, fintech collaboration, landscaping and cutting edge research.

Our people have deep domain expertise in every stage of the innovation process:

  • Full-stack engineers
  • Data scientists & data engineers
  • Researchers
  • Design & UX
  • Ecosystem

Our locations

Our labs service the globe's fintech ecosystem


Collaborating with customers, start-ups and top universities in the heart of Canary Wharf.

New York

Developing next generation financial products in Times Square.


Driving experimentation and collaborative projects across Asia.

Our content

We are experts in extracting insight from massive amounts of data    

  • 60,000
    Terabytes of data stored
  • 3.4m
    Research documents per year
  • 42.6m
    Estimates and KPIs internationally
  • 8m
    Financial price updates per second
  • 5.5m
    Private companies
  • 980,000
    M&A Deals
  • 9.3m
    Fixed income securities
  • 520,000
    Equity quotes

Our technology

We work with the foundational technologies impacting financial markets

Open source & API Economy

The cloud




Alternative data

Our work

Some of the projects we've launched

Refinitiv Labs Media Check poster image

Media Check

Media check is a unique screening and processing tool that uses AI to pinpoint negative media content from over 11,000 quality print and Web sources to ensure compliance with financial crime regulation and legislation.

Refinitiv Labs Alternative Data poster image

Alternative Data

Alternative Data (Alt Data) is paired with live market data and related entity identifiers, creating a unique view of the field. PermID feeds aggregate a company’s daily activity and associate related data, ensuring that alternative data sources are properly linked and identifiable.

Our research

Research and development publications

Refinitiv Labs disseminates some of its cutting-edge research and development output to demonstrate its thought leadership, and to engage with the scientific community in moving forward the state of the possible.

Join us

Refinitiv™ Labs are a data scientist’s dream

As one of the world’s leading data providers, you’ll have the opportunity to work with petabytes of real world data sets in finance. Click below to see current job openings.