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Integrated risk management

Your risk and compliance technology should deliver a comprehensive picture of your risk profile. This view may be obscured by disparate data sources and inflexible technologies that do not integrate.

Our take on integrated risk management in 60 seconds

In many organizations, risk and compliance technology hasn’t kept pace with changing business requirements, so it often delivers an incomplete view of the risk landscape. To create a comprehensive picture that enables you to better manage risk and seize opportunity, you need solid, integrated risk management, with:

  • A holistic risk profile that is flexible, connected, and aligned with your taxonomy and framework
  • Adaptable technology that responds to your evolving business requirements
  • A modern, intuitive user interface that gives you rich visualization, usability, and collaboration
  • Dynamic, incident-centric, and timely data that responds to risk events in near real-time
  • An integrated ecosystem that can draw from disparate systems and non-standardized data sources.
The amount of data our customers must intake and comprehend continues to increase. What they need more than ever are ways to better make sense of what matters, and manage and interpret unstructured data. Our Connected Risk platform helps do just that.

Key takeaways

Here are the essentials

Adapt to your changing risk environment

Map disparate data sources to a common, user-definable standard to connect risk information and reveal new insights.

Build to your business requirements

With our configurator tool you can tailor a solution that meets your precise needs - reducing your cost of deployment and maintenance.

Address your technology limitations

Close gaps when you integrate with current point solutions, replace underutilized systems, and augment with new capabilities.

Expert opinion

The view from our experts

Technology advances in connecting data from various sources and turning it into meaningful information is changing the way organizations manage their daily business activities and risk.

Product focus

How Connected Risk enhances strategic decision-making

Understand, identify, and take action

Truly understand the risks your business faces, identify critical exposures, and take appropriate action. Connected Risk is our next-generation risk management software platform, designed to connect the internal and external information that matters.

It’s a flexible and customizable platform enabling seamless integration of third-party and non-standardized data, as well as legacy systems. Connected Risk gives you the information you need to make sound, long-term strategic decisions.

Screen showing integrated risk management as part of the Connected Risk Platform.

Map disparate data sources to a common, user-definable standard to reveal new insights