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Tools and applications to capitalise on Islamic finance opportunities, including insights and analysis via Eikon, Shariah-compliant asset performance tracking, Islamic finance workflow solutions, and more.

The importance of data, technology and collaboration

We provide knowledge solutions and bespoke services to government entities, multilateral organizations, and leading financial institutions to support them in fulfilling their aspirations and executing their strategies in the Islamic markets space. These include the delivery of research, consulting services, and market engagement.

Islamic finance has grown from a niche to a global segment of the financial services industry, with increased prominence on the agenda of governments and financial institutions from around the world. The Islamic finance global industry currently stands at $2.4 trillion in assets, and 1,400 institutions operating in over 80 countries.

Our Islamic finance business enables you to recognise and capture growth opportunities by creating new insights and market intelligence that unlock potential and unleash innovation.

We are pleased to introduce our Islamic finance ESG report, developed in collaboration with RFI Foundation, highlighting the roles and initiatives of governments, financials and non-financial institutions towards a better world.
Mustafa Adil
Head of Islamic Finance, Refinitiv
  • 40,000+
    comprehensive coverage of Islamic equities
  • 50
    legal transaction documents for Islamic financial products and instruments
  • 200+
    different types of fundamental data covered by profiles of Islamic financial institutions


Gain insights into the Islamic finance industry

Refinitiv Zawya.com, is a leading source of regional news and intelligence, serving more than 1 million professionals with up-to-date country and industry news as well as essential global coverage from Reuters.

Islamic Finance solutions

Understand the market, take action

EIKON Islamic Finance Overview (IFOV)

Screenshot of Eikon displaying the islamic finance news and sukuk equities

Dashboard with latest news, events and trends in the market.

Understand the broader macro-economic environment and compare the performance of Shariah compliant asset classes and instruments.

The IFOV page provides easy access to the latest industry news and events, sukuk, equities and Indices.

Eikon Islamic Finance Development Indicator (IFDI)

Islamic finance development indicator screen shot

Refinitiv provides access to IFDI exclusive Islamic finance database including over 1,400 Islamic financial institutions data covering $2.5 trillion Islamic finance assets through its leading platform Eikon that provides insights to over 400,000 financial professionals around the world. 

Sukuk Now

Refinitiv Sukuk Now app displaying charts, data and quick links and research tips to analyse the global sukuk market by country, issuer type, major trends and features.

Perform analysis of the Sukuk market size and trends, gain deep knowledge about the global Islamic bonds market and its various structures and transactions.

Islamic Global index

Eikon screenshot displaying the islamic global index.

View profile of company, price performance and top movers. 

Launched in collaboration with ‘Ideal Ratings’, the Islamic Global index is one of the first Islamic Benchmarks offering research-based sharia screening according to globally accepted standards. Investors, money managers, and analysts receive transparent Islamic guidelines to help them create funds and investment vehicles to tap into this increasingly liquid market. The index guarantees up to date Sharia compliance through a quarterly review.

Sukuk index

Screenshot of eikon displaying the sukuk index

View of price performance in the sukuk markets.. 

A dedicated section for global coverage of Islamic securities (sukuk), including comprehensive details such as buyers and sellers, liquidity rankings, exclusive Refinitiv sukuk Indices, as well as benchmark issuances.

The sukuk indices are designed to measure the performance of the global investable sukuk universe, issued in multiple currencies. The index gives in depth coverage of current and future trends in the sukuk markets.

Access the the latest industry trends and analysis through customised Islamic Finance Apps within the Eikon library. 

Islamic Finance Research

Screenshot of eikon showing islamic finance research library

Advanced filter options including asset class, region and country specific.

The Islamic finance research library offers a wide selection of reports and studies with advanced filtering options.

Global Shariah and Legal

Screenshot of Eikon's Islamic Finance research library with a wide selection of reports and studies with advanced filtering options.

Filter Shariah & Legal documents via Shariah scholar, Shariah board and reviewer, and issuing organization.

The Shariah and Legal App offers comprehensive databases of Shariah and Legal content including standards, regulations, fatawa and more.

Islamic Auction app

The Eikon Auction app enables Central Banks and Ministries of Finance to manage their entire sukuk auction workflow from announcement to results publication, all within the Eikon desktop App. It provides complete control over features available to both internal users at your auctioning organization, and your auction participants (Primary Dealers), all within a flexible profile management system.

Sukuk Callouts

Sukuk Callouts is flexible and transparent App on the Eikon platform that facilitates the negotiations and agreement of sukuk trading terms within banks in country and across markets, improving price discovery, market monitoring, execution and market transparency. Callouts enable sukuk price / yield discovery. It enables the user to ask multiple counterparties for sukuk prices, fostering transparency and efficiency.

Islamic Finance Guide

The Islamic Finance Guide app offers accessibility to a growing community of business professionals interested in Islamic finance, from understanding the broader macro-economic environment to comparing the performance of Shariah-compliant asset classes and instruments.

Islamic Deals Connect (IDC)

Islamic deals connect admin console

Islamic deals connect admin console

Islamic Deal Connect (IDC) is a post trade solution by Refinitiv for Islamic deals that provides post-trade workflow automation capabilities and uses straight through processing, in conjunction with Refinitiv Conversational Dealing. 

Islamic MM workflow solutions

Islamic MM Workflow Solutions is a tool that uses straight through processing to enable banks to capture and process their Islamic money market deal information, and the corresponding commodity transaction information, into their treasury management systems. It is a flexible solution that allows each bank to customize the workflow based on their specific needs.

Industry reports 

Collage of islamic finance industry report front pages

These reports are designed to address specific themes or topics that are relevant for the Islamic finance industry. The reports are produced by our professional analyst team based on specific industry needs or client’s requests. These reports are based on primary market research straight from our analysts and data system to provide practical solutions covering all aspects of any industry.

Country reports

Collage of islamic finance company report front pages

These reports have a specific and specialized focus on the requirements for the development of the Islamic finance ecosystem primarily in new and emerging Islamic finance markets. They cover all sectors of the Islamic finance ecosystem – from regulations and oversight down to consumer-level market surveys. They privilege practical insights for local, regional, and international investors to offer Islamic financial services in the retail and corporate markets.


People attending islamic conference

We organize and manage the content for major events and conferences aligned to key government economic strategies and/or organisations. This includes development of the concept note, pillars or themes, program, session briefs, speakers, whitepaper, etc.


Attendees sat round the table at an Islamic finance round table event

Organize and host small tailored events, bringing together industry executives and thought leaders, to discuss key issues impacting the industry, in line with the needs of our clients related to their strategic objectives.