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Islamic content and events

Bespoke islamic finance content and event networking support.

We have expertise in providing bespoke Islamic finance content, enabling you to develop strategic objectives and position yourself to maximize your business's potential in the industry.

Our clients include governments, multilateral organizations and leading financial institutions. We also offer customized networking support for conferences, seminars, roundtables, awards, newsletters, social media and more.

How we help

Strategic execution to power your growth

With our wide network and experienced researchers in Islamic finance, we produce the most reliable research and event content on Islamic finance to help you make decisions with confidence.

Industry reports

Collage of islamic finance company report front pages

These reports are designed to address specific themes or topics that are relevant for the Islamic finance industry. The reports are produced by our professional analyst team based on specific industry needs or client’s requests. These reports are based on primary market research straight from our analysts and data system to provide practical solutions covering all aspects of any industry.

Country reports

Collage of islamic finance industry report front pages

These reports have a specific and specialized focus on the requirements for the development of the Islamic finance ecosystem primarily in new and emerging Islamic finance markets. They cover all sectors of the Islamic finance ecosystem – from regulations and oversight down to consumer-level market surveys. They privilege practical insights for local, regional, and international investors to offer Islamic financial services in the retail and corporate markets.


islamic finance webinar promotion

We provide end to end digital solutions to organize and manage virtual events. This includes panel sessions, interview style, and presentations.


People attending islamic conference

We organize and manage the content for major events and conferences aligned to key government economic strategies and/or organisations. This includes development of the concept note, pillars or themes, program, session briefs, speakers, whitepaper, etc.


Attendees sat round the table at an Islamic finance round table event

Organize and host small tailored events, bringing together industry executives and thought leaders, to discuss key issues impacting the industry, in line with the needs of our clients related to their strategic objectives.


What you get with our bespoke content services

Get direct access to our team of islamic finance proffessionals to guide, support, execute and amplify your content. Our reports and events cover various Islamic finance industries, markets and assets classes, offering in-depth analysis and insights.


Dedicated Islamic finance events supported


Delegates attended across our Islamic finance events


Our reach within the Islamic finance community across multiple channels

Connect with our specialists

Our specialists will tailor Islamic content solution or event support to help solve your specific needs.