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Islamic finance

Islamic market data

Get data on Sukuk, money market, equities, funds, in addition to news, research and comprehensive database of Shariah and legal content.

We are one of the world’s leading independent source of intelligent information and data for businesses and professionals operating in the global Islamic finance industry.

Our data covers all major Shariah-compliant asset classes; including sukuk profiles, sharia-screened stocks, Islamic indicies and Islamic funds.

We also provide an exclusive Islamic finance database including over 1,500 Islamic financial institutions data covering $3 trillion Islamic finance assets.

How we help

Access market data key to Islamic finance

We provide unrivalled breadth and depth of Islamic market data and market intelligence, covering all major Islamic finance asset classes.

Islamic Money Markets

A screenshot of the Eikon dashboard showing the Islamic interbank markets interface

Our data covers the entirety of Islamic money markets such as FX, cross currency rates and short-term Islamic money market instruments, in different currencies and different Islamic structures including Murabaha, Mudarabah, and Wakala money market transactions.

Islamic Securities & Sukuk

A screenshot of the Eikon dashboard showing the Islamic securities / sukuk interface

Get global coverage of Islamic securities/Sukuk with extensive details such as buyers and sellers of Sukuk, most liquid Sukuk, exclusive Refinitiv Sukuk Indices as well as benchmark issuances.

Islamic Equities

A screenshot of the Eikon dashboard showing The sharia equity screener

We offer a broad collection of Islamic Equities. Over 30,000 company stocks listed have gone through a precise screening process and more than 9,000 are certified as Shariah compliant.

Islamic Indices & Funds

A screenshot of the Eikon dashboard showing the Refinitiv idealratings interface

Get access to more than 4,500 Shariah compliant indices, in addition to an extensive list of Islamic investment options, which are sourced from international providers such as Dow Jones, FTSE and MSCI, as well as Refinitiv / IdealRatings indices. Our data composition also consists of over 600 listed Shariah compliant funds globally.


What you get with our Islamic financial data

We constantly consolidate, clean, normalize and enrich our Islamic finance data, so you’re getting the best information, to make game-changing decisions.


Sukuk instruments data and information


Stocks screened for Shariah compliance


Fatwa on Islamic finance products and transactions

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Connect with our specialists

Our specialists will tailor an Islamic market data solution to help solve your specific needs.