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See how we’re shaping the future of data

Learn-it-all Labs

Giving the financial services data science community access to the latest AI / machine learning skills, use-cases and real-life prototypes from Refinitiv Labs – all in 30 minutes.

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Making sense of financial data with knowledge graphs

In this session, Refinitiv Labs will share their recent experience of using knowledge graphs to stitch data in completely siloed databases together, which can now be distributed robustly via a unified API.

Sign-up to this Learn-It-All Lab, where the team will share:

  • An introduction to knowledge graphs - what sets them apart from traditional databases?
  • Why knowledge graphs are currently so underutilized in finance
  • Overcoming typical challenges, including data matching issues, with a new approach to data linking
  • Project Infrastructure 360 - a look at the new interlinked and integrated database of global infrastructure project information and financing data

Event info  

Date: Thursday, 17 September 2020 | 16:00 SGT | 9:00 BST

Time:  30 minutes

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Leveraging machine learning to signal COVID-19 risks and opportunities

See how Refinitiv Labs launched a new machine learning model to cut through the noise in news data and build COVID-19 resilience.

Liquidity measures – Getting new insights in real-time  

What new insights could traders act on if they could see real-time liquidity analytics in Limit Order Book data?

How to apply design thinking to a new data science experience

Refinitiv Labs share their design thinking skills and demo a new data exploration tool for Data Scientists, Quants and Developers.

NLP for Capital Markets 101

A behind the scenes look at how we apply state-of-the-art deep learning and NLP techniques to make sense of unstructured data.

Deep Learning & BERT

Talk all things BERT - assess the current state of the art in Deep Learning and how Google’s language model could transform finance.

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