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See how we’re shaping the future of data

Learn-it-all Labs

Giving the financial services data science community access to the latest AI / Machine Learning skills, use-cases and real-life prototypes from Refinitiv Labs – all in 30 minutes.

Catch-up with our latest session

Deep Learning & BERT – how Google’s language model could transform finance

Talk all things BERT - or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers - with Refinitiv Labs, and assess the current state of the art in Deep Learning.

BERT reads sentences as ordered sequences rather than simply a jumble of words, allowing it to understand intent and excel at key language understanding tasks - such as classification, question answering, and named entity recognition.

Refinitiv Labs have been using Google's BERT model and adapting it for the nuances of financially focused language.

In this 30-min virtual lab, we will share:

  • The principles on which BERT operates
  • Practical advice on using BERT based on our experience
  • A practical application of BERT to document classification - identifying ESG controversies in news stories
  • How we think BERT could transform capital markets in the future

On-demand events

How to apply design thinking to a new data science experience

Refinitiv Labs share their design thinking skills and demo a new data exploration tool for Data Scientists, Quants and Developers.

Key takeaways will include:

  • What we mean by design thinking
  • How you can apply a design thinking to a project – from hypothesis to testing
  • The difference between traditional thinking vs. design thinking
  • A design mindset – how we guide user-centric discussions to hone in on a problem

NLP for Capital Markets 101

A behind the scenes look at how we apply state-of-the-art deep learning and NLP techniques to make sense of unstructured data.

What can you learn about in this session?

  • The impact these technologies are having on you, your firm and the industry
  • The NLP and deep learning techniques we use in Refinitiv Labs to make sense of our unstructured data
  • How we overcome key challenges while working with news, research reports, social media and transcripts content
  • Live demo of a new Refinitiv Labs project which applies NLP to portfolio management – SentiMine
  • SentiMine leverages NLP at scale to help surface signals of equity performance from unstructured content, like research reports, transcripts, filings, news and social media
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See how Refinitiv Labs is shaping the future of finance

Refinitiv Labs helps tackle today’s real-world problems, while at the same time revealing the path to future success.

We combine our unrivalled breadth and depth of quality data, expert technical capability and world-class talent to partner with our customers in solving real world problems and delivering tangible business benefits.